De Ruijter Chocolate Sprinkles


These have changed my life forever. They look so simple. Many people I’ve introduced these to were skeptical at first, but then they would immediately fall in love as fast as I did. It’s easy to pass by a box of these in the chocolate store and not think much about it. But you should reconsider, turn around and grab one up!

I’m talking about the De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles.

An aunt of mine from the Netherlands, who is also a fellow chocolate-lover, introduced me to this magical thing. Yes, this a Dutch product. And I love it. Absolutely love it! If the Dutch wanted to take over the world, they could do it using these little sprinkles 😀


Whenever I’ve introduced my American friends to these, they look at me incredulously like, “Seriously, Lori? You’re addicted to chocolate sprinkles?” And I understand why they are confused. Here in America our chocolate sprinkles taste like nothing. They look like they are supposed to taste like something, but you just get a little crunch and that’s it. Disappointing, right?

But De Ruijter actually tastes like chocolate!!!


When my aunt introduced me to De Ruijter, she recommended that I try it on buttered toast. It’s perfect for sit-down-and-have-some-“me”-time. It’s even better with coffee in the morning!

But these sprinkles don’t have to be limited to buttered toast! I mailed a box of this goodness to a dear friend of mine, and in return she sent me a picture of having used it to decorate a cake. I love having these on top of gelato! I’ve had them with cream cheese on top of a toasted bagel. Put them on top of toast with peanut butter. I’ve poured them straight into my mouth during desperate times in dire need of a chocolate fix 😀

De Ruijter also has these available in milk chocolate, though so far I much prefer the dark chocolate sprinkles. They have chocolate shavings as well if you prefer that.

Because of these little sprinkles, I’ve experienced for the first time people almost getting angry at me over chocolate. Why? They get immediately hooked and want more. It’s a good angry 🙂 I highly recommend these, and if you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out on something wonderfully addictive!

Ovation Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice


I’m one of those crazy people who gets super excited for pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and pumpkin everything 😀 So in celebration of Fall, I had to share one of these chocolate oranges. I saw this for the first time last Fall and loved the combination of chocolate with pumpkin spice.


Several years ago I was introduced to the plain milk chocolate orange by Terry’s. I hadn’t seen a chocolate that was packaged in this form, and it’s pretty fun to smash to break apart the pieces before unwrapping! Though sometimes I had a hard time getting the thing cracked apart and then I’d end up frustrated throwing the ball of chocolate around until I could get a few pieces broken off 😛


I really like this chocolate, but nowadays it might be a tad too sweet for me. Otherwise, it’s a unique combination that’s perfect to have with a pumpkin spice latte in one hand, and a slice of this chocolate orange in the other 🙂 If this were available in dark chocolate, I’d definitely want to try it and see if there’s a more equal balance in spice vs. sweetness.

I’m surprised I haven’t found much for chocolate + pumpkin spice combos 😛 If anyone knows of any, please let me know so I can find it and try it!

Karam Bitter


I was wandering through Yas Bakery one day exploring what they had. I was keeping an eye out for chocolates I might not have tried before. After seeing no chocolate in sight and feeling disappointed, I wandered to their register counter to purchase whatever else I had gathered. Then I noticed that below the counter there was a hidden stash of goodies. 

Karam Bitter was one of those treasures. This was the first time I’ve seen a chocolate bar with pistachios in it!


My guess looking at the back of the wrapper was this was Turkish. I tried Googling Karam Bitter to double check. The top search result brought me to a website where a little box popped up at the top of my screen saying everything was in Turkish. With that out of the way, I unwrapped the chocolate to find a very sad discovery.


It was pretty melted 🙁


Melted chocolate makes me very sad, by the way 😛 I have a story about melted chocolate, but I will have to share that another time.


After getting over the sadness, I finally tasted it. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it. But the longer I chewed it, the more I got a taste of the smooth, slightly sweet dark chocolate and of the pistachio flavor. I wouldn’t say this is bitter as it says on the wrapper, but maybe the melting might have had an affect?

I can’t say I’m in love with this bar, but I am definitely liking that it exclusively has pistachio as its add-in. Has anyone else seen chocolate only has pistachios in it???

Ikea Chocolate


This past weekend an unplanned trip to Ikea happened. I didn’t walk out with any furniture in my hands. Nor did I get any home decor goodies…

I walked out with chocolate!!!

The last time I went to Ikea their chocolate wrapping was a little different so I didn’t quite recognize them at first as being the same. I’m sad they only have three varieties to choose from, but I made sure to grab one of each for sampling.


Since I always love milk chocolate with hazelnut, I consumed that one first. I really liked it! For a super cheap chocolate bar, it was not bad at all!

The milk chocolate was ok, but I wish it had something else mixed in there like berries.

The dark chocolate I did not like 🙁 I guess you could say, “Lori, what do you expect from a 99 cent chocolate bar??” But since I liked the hazelnut, I had my hopes for the dark chocolate. This one tasted like it was asking for cocoa nibs or coffee beans to be mixed into it. It had the right bitterness to make you think it was pretty decent, but having something extra there would definitely give it a thumbs up.

Overall, I would have picked up a lot more of those hazelnut bars. The milk and dark chocolate were more meh for me, but kudos to Ikea for making the effort.

Meiji Black Chocolate


I found this at HMart (and Asian grocery store) while I was waiting in line and I knew that I HAD to try it! I’ve tried other chocolates by Meiji, and this was one I hadn’t seen before.


I love the detail I’ve seen in the packaging of some Japanese products. Like how the chocolate pieces in this box is individually wrapped to look like mini gold nuggets. I’ve heard that individually wrapping sweets is meant to support portion control, but it doesn’t take much energy to unwrap piece after piece XD


Since the box says “black” on it, I’m guessing that this is supposed to be dark chocolate, but it tastes like a combination of dark and milk chocolate. It’s not bitter enough to be all dark chocolate, but not sweet enough to be all milk chocolate. When I first took a bite, the flavor was very familiar! I couldn’t put my finger on it right away, but if I remember correctly, the combination seems similar to the Droste Pastille half milk – half dark chocolate wafers.

A long time ago I had directly ordered from Japan a chocolate bar containing green tea. The bar itself was literally green in color, and you could immediately taste the bitterness of the tea (I’m guessing a kind of matcha tea was used?). I can’t remember if it was also by Meiji, but I hope I can find it again so I can talk about it here 🙂 I will definitely at some point talk about Dolfin’s milk chocolate bar with green tea. Theirs isn’t green in color, but it is one of my top favorite chocolate bars and I’m looking forward to sharing more about it!

Icelandic Chocolate

The lighting wasn’t good where I was taking my pictures 🙁

A sweet friend gave me this bar as a surprise 🙂 I have seen this brand many times at Whole Foods, but for some reason I never bothered to try it. This was my chance!

I usually prefer the creaminess of milk chocolate over dark chocolate, but I will have to try Icelandic’s dark chocolate at some point for comparison.


I inhaled half of this bar in one sitting. It was very smooth in texture and I just couldn’t stop eating it! If you have a problem keeping a stash of milk chocolate aside for more than a day, I recommend Icelandic Chocolate XD


Ritter Sport


Many times when I’m waiting in line at Trader Joe’s, I “magically” find a Ritter Sport bar pop up in my basket 😉 They’re only a couple of bucks there, and Trader Joe’s sells one of my favorites, milk chocolate with biscuit. Unfortunately Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry a large variety of Ritter Sport bars, but I know I can get other types of them at World Market and For the Love of Chocolate.


Ritter Sport is a German chocolate and is known for its unique square, or quadradisch (“square” in German), shape. I tend to prefer milk chocolate, and I like that they have several choices for fillings combined with milk chocolate: almond, hazelnut, praline, coconut, strawberry, yogurt and others.

Milk chocolate with almond.
Milk chocolate with praline.
Milk chocolate with praline.
Milk chocolate with espresso.
Milk chocolate with espresso.
Milk chocolate with biscuit.
Milk chocolate with biscuit.
milk chocolate with hazelnut.
milk chocolate with hazelnut.
Milk chocolate with strawberry.
Milk chocolate with strawberry.

There are other varieties, such as dark chocolate with mint filling, milk chocolate with yogurt, dark chocolate with hazelnut, dark chocolate with marzipan and milk chocolate with coconut to name a few I didn’t include in this post.

Now please pardon me as I start munching on the leftover pieces of chocolate now that I have taken my photos of them for this post 🙂

Mars Bar


This is one of those small chocolate bars that I absolutely have to grab up and then immediately consume after purchasing. There’s something about the Mars bar that makes me automatically attracted to it.

I first discovered it while grocery shopping at Giant. I had wandered into the International foods aisle to see what was available, when I found this little gem. I bought one to try and peeled off the wrapper after I walked out. I was immediately hooked! And I knew I had to get at least two the next time I saw them 🙂

I’ve always wondered how advertising companies make chocolate bars like this look so gooey and make you want to devour them right away…

I think the texture might have something to do with it. It’s very smooth! I’m guessing it has to do with the lucious looking caramel inside. It’s a little hard to see in my picture, but there’s a layer of nougat on the bottom as well. I usually taste more of the caramel than the nougat, but sometimes when I take a bite, my mouth is full of nougat goodness and I have to take a moment to sit still and enjoy it.

When I first got a Mars bar at Giant, the back of it said it was made in the Netherlands. But the one here I had bought from World Market, and it says made in Poland.


I’ve also seen this bar at British food stores before, and then I was very confused of where this bar originated. I did a quick online search and I read that the Mars bar was first made in the U.K. It’s definitely born from the American Mars company, so maybe they’re just being manufactured at various locations overseas?

All I know is that it’s delicious, addictive, and I highly recommend it 🙂


Milka is from Germany and from what I’ve heard, it’s found everywhere there. It sounds like it would be the equivalent of Hershey’s in the U.S. I wish Milka were that common here!

I have to be very honest… I’m not a fan of Hershey’s.

Go ahead, throw stones or whatever and get angry those of you who strongly stand by Hershey’s. It tastes dry and looks waxy to me. How could I enjoy something that I do not enjoy? Milka tastes creamy, and I’d rather be tasting that rather than something that is dry.

Alpine milk, hazelnut, strawberry, and biscuit.
Alpine milk, hazelnut, strawberry, and biscuit.

I usually grab my Milka bars from World Market, For the Love of Chocolate (my favorite chocolate store in Richmond, VA), or Wegmans. The bar I tend to grab is either the Alpine milk or hazelnut whenever I’m having a craving for milk chocolate. But if if I find strawberry, I HAVE it. Strawberry is rare for some reason!

Pic 2

The biscuit bar reminds me of the Ritter Sport milk chocolate bar with their large sized biscuit inside (I’ll get to Ritter Sport chocolate in another post). The biscuit pieces seem harder in consistency in the Milka bars, but I’m wondering if that’s because they are much smaller in size compared to the huge one in Ritter Sport.

Strawberry filling

Going back to the strawberry bar, I really like munching on the small strawberry bits on the inside. Maybe I tend to appreciate the strawberry bar more because this specific Milka bar is harder for me to find.

Oreo Milka

One that I HAVE to mention is the Oreo Milka bar.

This… this was a treasure to find!

Oreo filling

The texture of the crunchy bits of Oreo inside made this bar immediately addictive 🙂 The white creamy filling reminds me of the frosting in Oreos. I’ve only found this bar at Wegmans so far. I wish it were available elsewhere!

There are other flavors of Milka bars out there. I have seen a caramel one and dark chocolate, but I have yet to try them. I’ll have to include them in another post when I get around to eating them.

I can’t say I have a top favorite out of all of the Milka bars. I think all of them are equally crave-worthy 🙂