About Me

I love chocolate.

My love affair with chocolate began when I was very little. My mother also loves chocolate and when I was growing up, many times she would let me try something from her chocolate stash. She raised me so that I would love chocolate as much as she does. Nowadays, I love mailing chocolate to my mother so she can enjoy whatever I am trying. It is also my way of saying, “I love you” and, “Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful world of goodness!”

Not only did my mother help build an appreciation for chocolate, but I also learned something else about myself…

When I was in middle school at a sleepover, my friends and I decided to watch a movie. There was always chocolate and other candies left around the house, and I had plunked myself down next to a basket of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I started eating them one at a time. Once the movie had ended, I had eaten the whole basket.

That’s when I realized I had a problem. An addiction.

This addiction also showed up during my last semester of college. It was one of the most stressful times of my life. There were many stops made at the local chocolate shop to try to ease the feelings of anxiety. It felt like my appetite for chocolate was never quite satiated. It was during that time I realized I was a chocoholic.

Fast forward to post graduation…

Living and working close to Washington, D.C., opened up so many opportunities to explore the city, see new sights, try various types of food… and eat more chocolate! For the first time in my life I got to experience what it was like to walk into a local chocolate shop and try bits and pieces from behind their glass displays. It got to a point that some shop owners would recognize my face whenever I came in.

Since I eat a large amount of chocolate, I balance out the consumption with exercise, doing my best to eat healthy foods, and I have genetics to thank as well. My usual way of having self control is to share whatever chocolate I have so I don’t eat all of it by myself.

Sharing is also my favorite way to enjoy chocolate.

Many times I’ve tried various chocolates that I wish I could physically share with my family and friends, but I’m not able to due to their living far away. The purpose of this blog is for me to share my experiences with them and anyone who wishes to read these posts. This blog is also a personal record of what brands and types of chocolate I’ve tried and liked (or haven’t liked).

Are you curious about what other types of chocolate are out there beyond your grocery store? Are you in need of some de-stressing? Are you a fellow chocoholic in need of a fix?

It’s time to eat chocolate.


So much chocolate


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  1. Hi There. My wife and I noticed it’s harder to find Salazon Brand chocolate in stores in the northern Virginia area – any insights on if the company is experiencing production issues? Are they still in business?

    1. Hello, I’m glad you asked this because I’ve been wondering myself! Their website no longer exists and they used to be on Instagram, but their profile has been taken down. I was hoping to reach out to them to inquire about their status but now I have no means to communicate with them. If they’re not at your local Whole Foods or Mom’s Organic the only way I’ve seen them available is through Amazon, which is very interesting if they are going out of business. I wish I could give a better answer though I’m just as confused!

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