Chocolate Roulette with Wm. Chocolate Bars

During a visit to see my siblings and some extended family I took the chance to play a game of chocolate roulette with them. There were exactly five of us meeting for dinner and I had that number of Wm. Chocolate bars in my personal chocolate stash. Before I dive into sharing how the roulette … Continue reading “Chocolate Roulette with Wm. Chocolate Bars”

Wm. Chocolate – Comparing Two Harvests of Belize

I know that cacao is harvested in the summer and the fall, but I’ve never had the chance to compare two harvests of the same cacao in chocolate bar form until now. When Will of Wm. Chocolate announced that his Belize bar was available in separate harvests of cacao from the Maya Mountains, I wanted … Continue reading “Wm. Chocolate – Comparing Two Harvests of Belize”

Wm. Chocolate – I finally try a bar made with cacao from India!

This is the third time I’m trying chocolate by Wm. Chocolate and I’m glad to say I’ve been a returning customer! Will has made some pretty unique products since I’ve started trying his chocolate, like his Papua New Guinea sweet corn and ancho chile bar, which is exciting if you have an adventurous palate. If … Continue reading “Wm. Chocolate – I finally try a bar made with cacao from India!”

Taylor Made Chocolate and Michel Cluizel 85%

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a personal chocolate consultant? You could serve clients who love chocolate but aren’t in the know about various chocolate makers, so your job is to find them bars or chocolate products that fit their favorite flavor profile or to simply introduce them to something new. I love those few … Continue reading “Taylor Made Chocolate and Michel Cluizel 85%”

Attempting to temper chocolate for the first time…

We all know that the summer months means taking a risk when ordering or mailing chocolate in hopes that it miraculously survives and doesn’t melt at any point of its journey. So many factors can affect the the chocolate from the time it leaves the seller to when it arrives at the doorstep of the … Continue reading “Attempting to temper chocolate for the first time…”

50 States: New Hampshire – Enna Chocolate

Enna Chocolate was named after it’s creator and owner, Enna Grazier. Her background was in anthropology and photography, but she always liked chocolate and she had a great interest in the flavor profiles and economy behind chocolate. I like how she says in this article that the flavor profiles in a bar can reveal the … Continue reading “50 States: New Hampshire – Enna Chocolate”

50 States: Wisconsin – Wm Chocolate

It’s great when you’re craving chocolate and have some bars to try out for the first time! I chose Wm Chocolate to represent Wisconsin because admittedly I was attracted to the minimalist-looking name. Even though I know most consumers are attracted to colorful packaging and fancy looking writing, I sometimes prefer the minimalist approach. I … Continue reading “50 States: Wisconsin – Wm Chocolate”