Raaka First Nibs Selection January 2019

When I saw pictures of Raaka’s Black and White Cookie bar, I basically flipped. It’s SO cool seeing a bar made up of more than one chocolate used in the same bar and split in half. I have not seen a bar like it and I’m curious how they did it. During moulding did they dispense only white chocolate on one half, dark chocolate on the other half and then ensured the chocolate only spread so much using a vibrating surface to ensure they kept that half-and-half look? I’d love to see an Instagram photo or video covering the process!

According to the description included, Raaka was replicating the black and white cookie that’s commonly seen in bakeries. Traditionally the black half is made up of chocolate and the white half with icing. Raaka’s description says, “In this bar we mimic the cookie by creating a half coconut white chocolate with ground vanilla bean and 66% dark chocolate with vanilla & lemon-infused cocoa butter.”

The scent of the white chocolate portion reminded me of Almond Joy candy bars. The chocolate practically melted in my mouth. It lasted for a split second! In that brief moment I was able to enjoy a myriad of coconut, vanilla and smooth creamy flavors. The dark chocolate half (made up of Zorzal cacao from Dominican Republic) was a little astringent with a mix of roasted and light fruity flavors. Then I took a piece from each half, ate them together and oooh my goodness! It tastes just like a cookie. My mind has been blown. I’m reminded of Map Chocolate’s Key Lime pie bar where one bar was the key lime portion and the second was the pie crust.

The Pretzels & Mustard bar is an out of this world combination. I’ve said it before but I’m always pleasantly surprised by the risks and unique flavors Raaka throws together in a bar. If you couldn’t already tell, Raaka is making their own twist of the classic soft pretzel with mustard. For this bar they infused 70% Oko Caribe chocolate with pretzel and mustard seed cocoa butter. Gluten free salted pretzels were added to the mix then topped off with mustard powder.

The scent of mustard was very light so I smelled mostly fruitiness from the 70% Oko Caribe base. Once the chocolate was on my tongue with mustard side down, the mustard flavor was strong but melted away to sea salt, some subtle raisin and roasted flavors. The mustard flavor was prominent throughout my bite and I could crunch on the sea salt and pretzel bits. The aftertaste was very much like a baked soft pretzel with lingering mustard.

Though this Selection included Raaka’s Pink Sea Salt bar, I’ve tried it before in the past so I don’t feel the need to share it here again. I ended up mailing it to a previous coworker who in turn used it to introduce their new coworkers to craft chocolate. I’m so proud of my old coworkers for moving on to new jobs and then spreading the love of craft chocolate!

That Black and White Cookie bar is amazing! I hope Raaka makes something like it again with having a half-and-half bar that blows your mind. Maybe for the summer they could do a piña colada bar with a white chocolate base with rum and coconut on one side and pineapple on the other. The Pretzels & Mustard bar was different! I love soft pretzels and it’s cool that Raaka managed to recreate a popular snack into a chocolate bar.

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