Fjåk Chocolate

Chocolate makers are spread out all over the world and there are still many I haven’t heard of or tried. It seems ever year there’s a maker starting their business inspired by other craft chocolate, pursuing the creation of organic/healthy foods or even making bars out of the cacao grown on their own farm (such is the case with Islands Chocolate). Today I’m trying Fjåk, the first chocolate maker in Norway.

Fjåk is more specifically based out Hardanger started in 2017 by Agur and Siv. What’s unique about them is they have a special Nordic collection of bars using locally sourced inclusions. For example, they currently have a very interesting 70% Madagascar bar that has reindeer moss and lingonberries. It’s out of stock on their website otherwise I’d be placing an order!

According to Cocoa Runner’s website, the cacao for this 68% India bar was sourced through GoGround Cocoa, a supplier of beans from India. I didn’t read the tasting notes prior to tasting, so I got a fruity scent from this bar and I tasted caramel, fruity and some citrusy notes. As my bite melted the chocolate tasted more like butterscotch and then nutty. The melt was even and smooth.

The packaging says the tasting notes are floral and honey. Cocoa Runners says they tasted “toasted tea cake”, malt, raisin and “sultana-laden flavour”. They also felt the melt was smooth and creamy. I really enjoyed this bar and I would recommend trying Fjåk if you ever get the chance! I’d be happy to try more of their bars in the future. Maybe that reindeer moss + lingonberry bar will come back in stock.

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