I haven’t tried too many bars by chocolate makers based out of the UK but whenever I get the chance to, I grab the opportunity. What helps is that companies like Cocoa Runners are based out of the UK and offer a variety of chocolate bars and makers to choose from but I do have to pay a little more for shipping since my order would be crossing the Atlantic. This Tosier bar came in my last order from Cocoa Runners.

Tosier is a micro-batch chocolate making company started by Deanna Tilston who originally wanted to make her own chocolate focusing on the health benefits of dark chocolate. Micro-batch means that a chocolate maker creates a very limited amount of bars every time they make chocolate. This also means that every batch of bars created is a little different from the next. Even if the same beans are used, it could be a different harvest of those beans. The benefits of micro-batching is that the maker can truly focus on the nitty gritty of the chocolate making process whereas larger scale chocolate makers won’t have the time to be as detail oriented despite their best efforts.

According to Cocoa Runners, the name “‘Tosier’ dates back to the 18th century, where a man named Thomas Tosier had the privilege of being George I’s personal chocolate maker; Thomas, and his wife Grace Tosier, ran a very successful chocolate house on Chocolate Row in Greenwich in the 18th century.” For the time being, Tosier has been sourcing cacao from Belize and Haiti through Uncommon Cacao.

The tasting notes listed on the packaging include caramel, pineapple and “rainforest fruits”. The chocolate smelled fruity to me though I immediately thought of the candy Smarties when I was tasting. The chocolate is fruity with a zing to it, like the tartness in Smarties. I tried the chocolate on a separate day and at that time the chocolate tasted very nutty and citrusy. I’m not sure why the chocolate tasted completely different on the second day, but I’m just amused I thought of Smarties the first time I tried this chocolate because I haven’t had that candy in a very long time. If you’ve tried to bar before, let me know if you tasted all of the notes listed on the packaging or if you also were reminded of fruity children’s candy.

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