Bahen & Co.

When I need to replenish my chocolate stash I prefer to order bars through a website such as Bar & Cocoa, Cocoa Runners, Cacao Review and The Chocolate Bar (they are in New Zealand if I can wait a while for my shipment) since they offer a variety of bars by different chocolate makers. I think I got this Bahen & Co. bar from The Chocolate Bar and I had not heard of this maker before so I figured I’d give them a try.

Bahen & Co. was started by Josh Bahen who has a background in winemaking. The company is based out of Margaret River, a town south of Perth and in an area known for their breweries and wineries. The back of the packaging mentions the use of “vintage machines” to create their chocolate. One of those machines is a Guitard Melangeur that dates back to 1910.

I’m trying the Madagascar 70%, which on the back of the bar’s wrapper says the beans are “green gold” in color and from the Sambirano Valley. The tasting notes listed for this bar include citrus, red berries and raisin. The chocolate smelled citrusy and fruity to me. My bite took a while to melt but eventually I tasted raisin and subtle earthy notes. The earthiness turned into smokiness. My bite melted slowly, unevenly and the texture was fudgy. The smokiness dissipated and went back into raisin for the rest of my bite.

I thought this was interesting in flavor because I can’t recall from the top of my head whether I’ve had a smoky tasting bar that also included raisin flavor notes. I’m personally not a huge fan of smokiness in my chocolate (I do like raisin though), but if you do like smoky flavors then you should definitely give this bar a try!

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