Islands Chocolate

Since it’s chilly outside, looking at this packaging is making me dream of tropical getaways and I feel the longing for summer to come around again. I actually can’t complain since the D.C. area has been experiencing a mild winter but I spend a lot of time outdoors for my current job and it isn’t fun experiencing low temperatures coupled with wind.

If you’re familiar with craft chocolate then you’re familiar with the term “bean to bar”, meaning a chocolate maker orders cocoa/cacao beans from a farm, co-op or other distributor and after several production steps creates chocolate bars. I’m seeing the term “seed to bar” show up more frequently. Islands Chocolate is one of the companies that lives up to this.

Islands Chocolate is based out of the Caribbean and the company’s founder, Wilf Marriott, comes from a family who grows cacao in St. Vincent and sells them to other chocolate makers. Wilf decided one day that he had enough of simply selling the beans. He figured that as the farmers growing the beans and being the most familiar with the cacao, they should create their own chocolate bars. This was how Islands Chocolate was born.

The packaging for this bar mentions that Islands Chocolate teamed up with their sister company St. Vincent Cocoa to grow their own cacao. Islands Chocolate also supports and purchases from fellow Vincentian farmers. The interior of the packaging highlights a cacao farmer, Robert Jacobs, mentioning that Islands Chocolate has been purchasing cacao from Robert since 2011.

When I unwrapped this bar I expected to see nibs sprinkled on the back like most bars with nibs, but in this case they’re actually in the bar. It looked like the nibs were sprinkled on the back and then tapped until they had sunken into the chocolate and were barely covered. It’s a great idea to ensure none of the nibs are knocked off due to jostling, which can a problem when the nibs are simply sprinkled on.

To me this bar smelled chocolaty and tasted nibby at first with a slow melt. As my my bite melted the chocolate tasted more and more like brownies with walnuts in them. I was very hungry at the time of tasting so that might have had an effect on my taste buds 🙂 I definitely want to try more Islands Chocolate knowing some of the story behind the company and it was neat that this bar tasted so much like a dessert!

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