Ocho – Beekeeper

My husband has been dreaming that one day he may help raise bees by having one of those manmade beehive structures. First we need to have a house and a proper yard, but in the meantime he’s been researching what kind of backyard hive he wants. My dear and longest friend’s father also has a passion for bees. I remember there were times long ago when I was visiting their family we’d be instructed to stay inside while her dad went out in his bee suit and smoked out the bees to gather the honey. That part I’m not looking forward to when it’s my husband’s turn to do that, yet I’ll be happy for him if he’s enjoying it!

This Beekeeper bar contains Manuka honey, bee pollen and puffed amaranth. I’ve tried chocolate bars sweetened with Manuka honey, a Naive Chocolate bar with bee pollen as an inclusion and a Letterpress bar with puffed amaranth in it. I was curious what the flavor and textural combination would be like with all three condensed in one bar.

The back of the packaging says that the cocoa beans used to make this bar are sourced from Papua New Guinea. I had heard of the chocolate maker Ocho before, but I had no idea that they were based out of New Zealand (Dunedin to be specific). They say they added all three of these interesting ingredients to this bar to “give the bar a flavour change”.

To me the bar had a subtle citrusy and roasted scent. I was surprised to taste the honey first since the ingredients list shows Manuka honey takes up 5% of the bar. As my bite melted a citrus flavor and astringency developed and pretty much stayed that way through the majority of my bite. The bee pollen and puffed amaranth were fun to munch on, though I felt like this bar had less puffed amaranth in it than Letterpress.

Overall this bar offered a unique flavor and fun textural experience. It’s not common that I see bee pollen and amaranth in chocolate. What’s nice is that since amaranth is naturally gluten free, consider trying this for a similar texture compared to bread in chocolate if you can’t consume gluten. I’ll have my husband try this and see if it makes him more excited to one day have a backyard beehive.

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