Goodnow Farms – Asochivite Bars

I love comparing two bars by the same chocolate maker that differ in cocoa percentage. When one bar is, say, 70% and the other is 80% you can taste different flavor notes due to the difference in sugar content sweetening the chocolate and helping your taste buds taste different flavors in general. Today things are a little different in that I am trying a 70% Asochivite bar by Goodnow Farms, but the 70% bar contains maple sugar and I’m comparing it to the 88% plain Asochivite.

Who is Goodnow Farms? If you aren’t familiar with this chocolate maker and you want to learn more about them, head to their website! I’ve also shared a bit about their story in a previous tasting of their bars here. I enjoyed my first tasting experience and I knew I wanted to try more of Goodnow’s bars.

If you’re now asking, “What does Asochivite mean?” it’s the city in Guatemala where the cocoa beans originated. Raaka Chocolate a while back made a limited batch of 75% bars using the same type of cocoa beans. The description on the back of the plain 77% Asochivite Goodnow Farms bar says, “The Q’eqehi Maya farmers of Chivite, Guatemala harvest cacao from the wild trees surrounding their village.”

The flavor notes listed for the 77% Asochivite bar include fruit, green banana and mango. Knowing this I could smell subtle fruitiness and a hint of banana from the chocolate. I first tasted tangy, light fruity with chocolaty flavors. As the chocolate melted, it tasted mostly the same except at the very end where some bitterness developed like what I’ve experienced with green bananas.

The back of the 70% Asochivite Maple Sugar bar says that the maple sugar is sourced from Severance Maple based out of Northfield, MA. The flavor notes listed are fruit and “sweep maple”. I could definitely smell maple from this bar! The maple flavor developed as my bite of chocolate melted and it mingled with that subtle fruitiness I tasted in the 77% Asochivite. As the description said, this bar was pretty sweet for a 70% cocoa bar.

Since my sweet tooth has been dictating what my body craves, I naturally leaned more toward enjoying the 70% Asochivite Maple Sugar bar. I felt the descriptions on the back of both bars were accurate in that fruit was the stronger flavor and the banana and mango were more subtle until the very end of the 77% Asochivite. Though the 77% Asochivite was great to experience, I won’t be returning to it since I’m not a fan of green banana though I appreciate the fruity notes and I prefer that flavor in my dark chocolate. If you like higher cocoa percentages, give the 77% Asochivite a try and definitely get more than one bar by Goodnow Farms as they make quality chocolate.

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