WKND Chocolate

Apparently I had tried these WKND bars at the end of spring and somehow never got to finishing writing my thoughts about these bars! At this point, Lauren of WKND Chocolate is in the process of moving overseas and relocating her business, which means the bars I’ll be sharing here might be the last I get to try until she’s settled into her new location. Since I can’t immediately recall my experience, listed below are my old notes from the original time of tasting.

Strawberry bar: “The World Through Strawberry Colored Glasses”

The ingredients list contains cocoa butter, almonds, balsamic vinegar and freeze dried strawberries. Balsamic vinegar? That’s very interesting and a unique ingredient! The bar smelled fruity and delicious. I tasted some “tang” once I put the chocolate in my mouth. After reading balsamic vinegar in the ingredients, it was stuck in my mind and I could taste it. It was like the vinegar brought out some tartness and the sweetness of the strawberries. The almonds gave the bar some subtle crunch and texture. This was delicious and very different than other strawberry bars I’ve experienced.

53% Micolate

The ingredients included Vale Potumuju Brazilian cacao, cocoa butter, cane sugar and non-fat milk powder. This bar smelled less creamy than most milk chocolate bars I’ve had. Even though it tasted subtly milky, the flavor of the chocolate reminded me of coffee and I experienced a chocolaty aftertaste. This was also delicious and I loved how I got to enjoy more of the cacao’s flavor than just the milk powder. Maybe this milk chocolate having a natural light coffee flavor is why it’s called mico-late? 🙂

Scarlett Sunrise 80% Dark Chocolate

Ingredients include Vale Potumuju Brazilian cacao, cane sugar, freeze dried raspberries, hibiscus flowers, red Alaea Hawaiian salt, and cardamom. What a unique combination of hibiscus flowers with salt and raspberries! I could definitely smell the raspberries and if I searched for it, I could detect subtle floral and spice. The salt hit my taste buds first, followed by tart raspberries and an interesting combination that almost seemed savory of the cardamom and hibiscus. This flavor combo reminded me of sweet spice rubs used for ribs. Once the initial party of flavors dissipated, I tasted only the chocolate base, which was the same as the 53% Micolate, so I also tasted subtle coffee and strong nuttiness. I applaud Lauren on making such a unique combination! It’s perfect for the summertime.

Now that I’m finishing this post at the end of summer, the strawberry bar has lingered the most in my memory and it must be because of that balsamic vinegar. I hope that Lauren is having no trouble in relocating and hopefully down the road I’ll be able to try more of her creations!

WKND Chocolate

These are my personal thoughts and experiences. I did not receive pay or any compensation for reviewing any products. Though at the time of writing this post I am working in the chocolate industry, my work in the chocolate industry has no affect on my personal thoughts and experiences with the chocolate products shared on Time To Eat Chocolate. Website links to articles, companies and other sources of information directly related to the topic written within the posts were included during the time of writing and the writer will not be held responsible for future changes on such website links. All images are original and the property of Time To Eat Chocolate unless specifically stated otherwise.


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