An update…

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post here on Time To Eat Chocolate and I figured I would give an update and chat a bit about what’s been going on. Hang tight because this will take a while! I’ll be diving into some topics that have been weighing heavy on my mind and why I’ve taken a step back from social media and from blogging.

Ever since March when I got married my life has become busier. I’d been warned by married friends and family members that once you get married, in general you become busier. It just kind of happens. Personally I think I’ve been focusing more time on family, helping raise our “children” (meaning our Scottish terrier and cat) and doing all the regular chores and grocery shopping takes longer now I’m not just looking after myself. I’m starting to understand why when people get married they kind of fall off of the edge of the earth compared to when they’re living a single life!

I also want to share that ever since mid-February I’ve been working as an assistant chocolate maker for a business in the D.C. area. I made the switch so I could gain hands on experience learning what it’s like to make bean to bar chocolate. I admire how some people can simply read a book about the process and fully understand it. I’m a tactile and visual learner, so this has been the best way for the process to stick in my mind.

I never put this job switch out there on social media because I wasn’t sure if I’d receive any backlash, but now I feel like I need to mention it somehow. I’m surrounded by chocolate at work and when I come home I want to unwind and take a break from chocolate, which affects my time spent on social media and sometimes from consuming it at home. I still love chocolate, don’t get me wrong! But I think I’m experiencing overexposure.

I won’t name the company that I’m working for because that should not matter nor should people be nosing into my business, but if you haven’t already read it at the bottom of every post since mid-February, I make it clear that my thoughts in my reviews are always my personal thoughts despite my working in the chocolate industry. I have to stress that since a someone in the chocolate industry I used to admire decided to be disrespectful toward me since they learned of my job and I had to remind them that I’ve already been reviewing chocolate products for three years prior to my working in chocolate. Because I’ve now seen and experienced the behind the scenes work at a craft chocolate business, my tolerance for rude behavior from other makers and businesses has greatly decreased. If I and other customers are using our hard earned money to buy their bars and therefore support their business, they have no grounds to treat us that way! It’s simply poor customer service.

Besides overexposure, I’ve taken a step away from social media and considered cancelling this blog since I’d come home from work with no energy to scroll through Instagram, read articles or write a blog post. Also in the past my husband pointed that out I was probably spending an unhealthy amount of time on my phone and laptop. He had a good point. I’ve been happy yet sad about this change. Happy in that I have been able to better appreciate the moment when I’m not staring at my phone or laptop, and sad because I’m missing out on chocolate news. After some thinking, I’ve decided I’m going to keep the social media accounts I’ve set up and this blog since my current rate of sharing may be slow, but down the road I might be able to return to a regular schedule of blogging possibly posting twice a month rather than once a week.

The business I’m currently working for already knows that I won’t be with them for long. As my husband and I have been discussing the future and what our family will look like a few years from now, we’ve decided we want to move away from the D.C. area, get a house and eventually start raising children (“children” includes having more Scottish terriers 🙂 ). I will be moving to part-time work to free up my schedule a bit so I can continue focusing more of my attention to family. Sadly this means that this job position may be the only time in my life when I’m able to work for a chocolate maker, but I’m grateful and satisfied to even have the opportunity. On the positive side, hopefully when I leave my current job it means overexposure to chocolate won’t affect my blogging and sharing on social media.

If you’ve made it this far in reading this post, thank you for your time and patience! I’m thankful and grateful for the network of fellow chocoholics, makers and bloggers I’ve come to know thanks to writing this blog and social media. If you follow me on Instagram @timetoeatchocolate and notice I’m quiet there, I’m most likely active on @lauberhaus where I share family-related activities. I’m excited for what the future brings and I hope that I can at some point return with a regular schedule in sharing thoughts/reviews on chocolate products!




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