Raaka First Nibs Selection – July

This month Raaka produced two summer drink-related bars: Mojito and Thai Iced Tea. Technically both could be consumed all year around, but both of these types of drinks sound good for the ~90 degree weather the D.C. area has been experiencing. Though the Cabernet Sauvignon bar was also included in this month’s First Nibs I will not be sharing it here. I can already say that I recommend it since I’ve eaten several Cabernet Sauvignon bars in the past.

The description included with these bars says the Thai Iced Tea bar is made with a Kokoa Kamili, Tanzanian base “infused with a cacao butter tincture of assam tea, mango ceylon tea, cardamom and star anise” making the base flavors for Thai iced tea. A quick Google search shows the definition of tincture is “a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol” or “a slight trace of something”. This makes me think of previous Raaka bars where the cocoa butter/cacao butter was infused with various spices or other flavorings. Raaka makes a note that though Thai iced tea is usually sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and they wanted to keep the bar vegan, they used cane sugar and coconut instead.

The scent of the bar actually made me think of nutmeg but it was definitely a warm spice blend. My taste buds were washed over with warm spicy deliciousness. As Raaka described, the chocolate tasted creamy and I could detect some of that coconut. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had Thai iced tea, this bar is reminiscent of it though a little on the less sweet side. I could definitely taste the coconut and spices in the aftertaste.

Raaka’s description of the Mojito bar mentions that the base is made up of Asochivite, Guatemala cacao for it’s fruity and nutty flavors. The nibs were aged in rum barrels from Van Brunt Stillhouse for 4 weeks. The nibs were then “blended with lime peel powder and peppermint-spearmint infused cacao butter creating a tangy, complex, cooling dark chocolate”.

The scent was lightly fruity but I was able to taste lime right away. The bar literally tastes like a mojito including the alcoholic flavor! Personally I feel like a lot of alcoholic beverages have a “bite” to them. This bar managed to include that, probably due to the peppermint-spearmint flavors. My mind has been blown. I can’t believe this bar literally tastes like a mojito! My mind has been blown so long that my bite finished melting…

Once again Raaka has created two very unique flavor experiences in the form of chocolate. The Thai iced tea was something different, but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that a chocolate bar could taste so much like a mojito. I may be thinking about the Mojito bar for the rest of summer 🙂

Raaka: Made in Brooklyn, NY

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