Chocolate Roulette with Wm. Chocolate Bars

During a visit to see my siblings and some extended family I took the chance to play a game of chocolate roulette with them. There were exactly five of us meeting for dinner and I had that number of Wm. Chocolate bars in my personal chocolate stash. Before I dive into sharing how the roulette game went, I want to share my own thoughts on tasting the 100% Honduras, 75% Ghana and the limited 68% Belize hot sauce infused bar, which acted as the bullet. For my thoughts on the first and second harvest of the 68% Belize (NOT hot sauce infused) bars, you can see my comparison of the two here.

I had tried William’s 100% bar prior to this game, but I never shared my thoughts. As mentioned on the packaging, the cocoa comes from Wampusirpi in the northeastern part of Honduras and because the beans are not treated with chemicals they are technically organic despite the lack of official certification. The tasting notes are listed as walnut, elderberry and gruyere. Because my allergies have been terrible lately I won’t bother trying to figure out what I’m smelling from each of the bars I’m sharing today 🙂 And because my sinuses aren’t handling the onslaught of pollen well, my tasting might be a little off as well. I immediately tasted that cheese-like flavor mentioned on the packaging as well as walnut. Maybe it’s me, but I’ve been tasting a lot of walnut and general nutty flavors in the bars I’ve been trying lately. I’m not sure what elderberry tastes like, but cheese was the top flavor I experienced in this bar. It’s very unique and as someone whose taste buds are still adjusting to 100% cocoa bars, this isn’t bad at all! If I’m wanting a more savory snack, I’ll be turning to this bar in the next few days until it’s gone.

The description on the back of the Ghana bar packaging mentions that Ghana harvests about 15% of the global crop. That’s a decent chunk when considering many of the other countries 20 degrees north and south of the equator that also grow and produce cacao/cocoa. William makes a point to mention that the cocoa used in this bar comes from “Ghanian farms that meet the Rainforest Alliance’s social, economic and environmental standards.” The flavor notes are listed as chocolate pudding, malt and peanut butter. My interest is already piqued at “peanut butter” since I’m a huge fan of chocolate + peanut butter 🙂 I immediately got those peanut butter flavors when the chocolate started melting, so I’ve been hooked! As my bite melted the chocolate started to taste more fudgy and I can see how it would be reminiscent of chocolate flavored Snack Packs. I really like this bar! I definitely plan on ordering more of this in the fall along with any first harvest 68% Belize that may be left.

The 68% Belize hot sauce infused bar I was able to get thanks to Will sharing it during the D.C. Chocolate Festival, otherwise I’d probably have no other way of obtaining it. Thank you, Will, for being willing to let me try this limited edition bar! It was perfect for roulette since it clearly has a spicy kick. The heat slowly intensifies as the chocolate melts and at the end the back of my back my throat was taking the brunt of the spiciness. I wish more of these bars were made since I’d keep a few in my stash for times when I need a wake-up jolt 🙂

Okay, on to the game of roulette! My siblings and a couple members of extended family had heard of this game before, but they had never played it themselves. The first time around, my brother-in-law got the hot sauce piece but was able to handle the heat very well. The second time around my brother got the bullet and seemed to be outwardly fine. The third time around my sister unfortunately picked the hot sauce chocolate and had to run for water since she doesn’t prefer spicy foods. My brother-in-law’s sister never experienced the heat and preferred not to.

After three rounds of roulette everyone got the chance to freely pick and choose which bars they wanted to try. The consensus was that my siblings and extended family liked both the first and second harvest 68% Belize bars for their fruity flavors. They were not fans of the 100% bar because the weren’t sure what to expect and are not used to trying higher than 70% bars. My brother was the only other person enjoying the Ghana bar as much as I did.

So there we have it! I finally got some of my family members involved in a game of roulette. They thankfully enjoyed it and want to play again sometime in the future. For more of my thoughts on trying Wm. Chocolate bars, go here.

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