Wm. Chocolate – Comparing Two Harvests of Belize

I know that cacao is harvested in the summer and the fall, but I’ve never had the chance to compare two harvests of the same cacao in chocolate bar form until now. When Will of Wm. Chocolate announced that his Belize bar was available in separate harvests of cacao from the Maya Mountains, I wanted to try both bars side by side.

When looking at the packaging of the first Belize bar harvested in 2016, the tasting notes are listed on the back as blackberry, custard and candied pineapple. The bar smelled like tropical fruits to me, and the flavor was a burst of subtle earthiness and tropical fruits (like mango). As my bite melted the flavors turned into cheese (like gouda) and what reminded me of sourdough bread. In the finish I continued to experience that cheese flavor with fruitiness and subtle candied pineapple. The cheese remained as an aftertaste for a long time. The chocolate melted smoothly and quickly and provided an exciting flavor story!

The second harvest was in 2017 and the tasting notes are listed as candied pineapple, custard and raisin. Maybe because cheese is now on my mind it’s mainly what I smelled from this bar along with subtle fruitiness. Immediately I tasted cheese, mild acidity, and subtle fruity flavors. The cheese, acidity and very subtle fruitiness stuck with me through the end of my bite. I had to take a second bite because my mind was still taking in the different pattern in flavor development compared to the first Belize bar. I took our cat Choco on a walk to give my taste buds a break, then took my second bite, and experienced the same unfolding of a flavor story except this time I experienced more of that candied pineapple flavor midway through my bite.

I’m blown away by the differences between these two bars! For me, the first harvest was more fruity and the second was overall more savory. I kind of like the first harvest of Belize better, but as I’m continuing to try the second harvest it is definitely growing on me! I think it won’t be long before the first harvest bars will sell out and I’ll be consuming the second harvest at the same rate and liking it just as much.

I had my husband taste both of these bars as well for a second opinion. In the first harvest bar he tasted the blackberry and in general a lot of fruitiness and some of that custard. In the second harvest bar he first tasted coffee followed by fruitiness (he worded it as “light fruitiness”) with possibly some of that raisin flavor.

If you want to read my thoughts on other bars I’ve tried by Will and my first time experiencing the first harvest Belize bar, go here.

Wm. Chocolate: Made in Madison Wisconsin

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