I had been longing to get my hands on some Mirzam for at least a year. Their inclusions are unique and the packaging is gorgeous! I even reached out to Mirzam to find out how I could purchase a bar and learned that Mirzam is currently not being sold in the United States. It was thanks to Cocoa Runners I was finally able to try a one of their bars.

On Mirzam and the Cocoa Runner’s website we learn that the ship on the front of the wrapper pays homage to the Middle East being in the center of spice trade (since Mirzam is based out of Dubai). The flavors and cacao origins come from inspiration of the maritime routes taken by those traders. Currently their bars are made using cacao from Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and India. What’s very unique about Mirzam is their wrappers are created by hand by various artists and they even accept applications if anyone with artistic talent is interested.

This 62% dark bar was infused with damask rose from Bulgaria. Mirzam’s description includes a customer commenting that the bar reminded them of Turkish delight. Though Mirzam says this bar isn’t overpowering in florals, I think the rose scent and flavor was a bit strong. It did however bring up fond memories of some rose water my Oma (“grandmother” in German) gave my sister and I many years ago. I tried this bar on separate days. On the first day my senses were filled with rose. The second day of trying it in the morning I was able to enjoy the Ghana chocolaty base and I experienced a brownie-like finish.

I’m interested in trying more Mirzam bars at some point. I’m sad that I can’t access a wider range of Mirzam bars. I hope they will become available in the United States soon!

Mirzam: Made in Dubai

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