Tabal Chocolate

It is thanks to William Marx of Wm. Chocolate that I heard about Tabal Chocolate. William remembered that I LOVE matcha in chocolate and mentioned Tabal’s Teahouse Matcha bar to me. Tabal is a small batch chocolate maker that was started in 2012 by Dan Bieser. Their retail store was opened in April 2017 where they offer chocolate making and truffle making classes. According to their website their logo comes from the shape of the stones they use for grinding their cocoa.

I had already broken into the Teahouse Matcha bar a couple of days prior to writing this post, but also as I’m writing I’ve almost finished the whole bar! The scent of matcha is subtle from this bar but I can definitely taste the matcha. The back of the packaging describes it as being “sweet, creamy and energizing”. I think it’s accurate. There’s no bitterness at all. It’s rare to find a dark chocolate bar with matcha too since the majority of matcha chocolate bars use white chocolate as the base. (Though the front of the packaging says this bar contains 58% cocoa, there’s no mention of any milk powder being used in the ingredients list.)  Somehow Tabal has made this dark chocolate and matcha pairing work and it’s absolutely delicious!

The chai bar had a pleasant and very present chai scent. The description on the back of the bar says it has a “hint of spice” but boy am I getting a slap in the face! I don’t mind this since I love drinking chai lattes. The flavor of cinnamon was strong.

Though I liked both bars, I’m completely hooked on the matcha bar! It’s so bad that I keep thinking about it, which is amazing! When I’ve made more of a dent in my chocolate stash and when cooler weather rolls around again, I definitely plan on ordering another matcha bar or two. I recommend it if you are a fan of matcha!

Tabal Chocolate: Made in Milwaukee, MI

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