Goodnow Farms

After seeing Trish from Eating the Chocolate Alphabet feature Goodnow Farms in our collaboration of featuring a chocolate maker from (almost) all 50 American states, I knew I needed to try them for myself. If you want some backstory about them, head over to Trish’s site where she shares her thoughts on their Asochivite and Nicalizo bars.

In addition to Trish’s backstory, I like that the founders, Tom and Monica Rogan, specify on their website that they use single origin cocoa beans to bring out the individual characteristics and flavors of the farm or region the beans come from. Not every chocolate maker website mentions that and it’s great information for consumers who are new to craft chocolate. They press their own cocoa butter from each variety of bean and use it in the appropriate chocolate to make their bars genuinely single origin.

The Nacional beans used for the Esmeraldas bar come from a farm in Ecuador owned by the Salazar family. The family is in full control of the fermenting and drying process to ensure they are providing high quality beans. The family has been working with Dan O’Doherty of Cacao Services on finding and grafting Nacional clones that will increase production.

The flavor notes for this bar are listed on the back as “berry jam and classic cocoa, with a long, pleasantly tannic finish”. The scent was of light berry and the taste was at first like that “classic cocoa” mentioned on the packaging. The tannic flavor developed halfway through my bite. It wasn’t until the end that I experienced the berry jam flavor and the tannic finish. When chomping the chocolate out of pure hunger I just experienced chocolaty and light berry flavors.

I liked this bar and I ate the whole thing in one sitting! I’m looking forward to trying more Goodnow bars the next time I get the chance to order more and when my chocolate stash runs low.

Goodnow Farms: Made in Sudbury, MA

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