Raaka First Nibs Selection – May 2018

I was looking forward to trying Raaka’s May First Nibs Selection since one of the bars was Turmeric Latte. I had just been trying such lattes by Peet’s Coffee, which were pretty good but unfortunately they were a seasonal release. Thankfully I managed to grab my last turmeric latte from Peet’s just in time to try it alongside Raaka’s bar.

The Turmeric Latte bar tasted very similar to the Peet’s Coffee golden milk turmeric latte. The husband also confirmed that both food items tasted very similar to each other. The turmeric latte chocolate bar first tasted sweet with subtle spiciness and savoriness. I was reminded of the flavor of yellow curry. The finish consisted of a lingering tingling feeling from spiciness. The overall flavor of this bar actually reminded me of Raaka’s carrot, lemon and thyme bar from a previous First Nibs Selection!

The French Toast bar smelled and initially tasted like toast with sugar on top. The toasty flavor had some mild brightness and fruitiness. The fruitiness makes sense since the description that came with these bars mentions Dominican beans being used. I didn’t taste any maple flavoring even though the description mentions maple sugar being used, but I did enjoy the crunchy texture of puffed quinoa and chia seeds. I took a second bite and it was during that time that I immediately tasted the maple and spice medley of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Both bars were delicious and neither lasted more than a day in my husband’s and my hands 🙂 I hope Raaka makes another coffee-type inspired bar in the future!

Raaka: Made in Brooklyn, NY

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