Raaka First Nibs Selection – April

Though my current Raaka First Nibs subscription is set up so I receive a package every other month, I’ve made exceptions since Raaka produces so many interesting bars. At the end of April I managed to grab a couple of the last swirl bars available. The description that came with this Selection says that Raaka was inspired by “the growing season, the planting of new seeds and the anticipation of fresh herbs, veggies and fruits to come”.

The Carrot, Lemon & Thyme swirl bar sounded very savory and made me think about the oven baked chicken I like to make whenever I get a couple of hours to prepare dinner. According to the Selection description, this bar was made using a combination of fruity Peruvian dark chocolate and dairy free white chocolate. Thyme was steeped in the cocoa butter for the dark chocolate, but the white chocolate was created with carrot and lemon powder. To obtain the swirl patter, the white chocolate was “dripped” into the dark chocolate and then swirled by hand.

The bar smelled herby, but I first tasted lemon followed by carrot. The thyme was subtle, which made me very happy. Some people love herby chocolate, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan. The sweetness from the Peruvian portion of the chocolate was clearly detectable despite the savoriness of the rest of the flavors. I’m pleasantly surprised on how this bar turned out! It was a balanced mixture of savory and sweet.

The Beet & Black Currant swirl bar was made similarly to the Carrot, Lemon & Thyme bar, except beet power, black currant and raspberries were used with the white chocolate. A Tanzanian base was used for its fruity, berry and mellow earthy notes. The berry scent from this bar is amazing! I first tasted raspberries and beets. As my bite melted, somehow the flavors melded into chocolaty-ness with berry. Toward the end, I experienced more of the beet flavor. I really, really liked this bar! I could eat the whole thing on my own 🙂

I’ve seen the Vanilla Rooibos Tea bar available for order online for a while, but I can’t recall if I’ve tried it before. I’ve noticed that lately the First Nibs Selections come with two very unique bars while the third is usually taken from their regular chocolate line. The bar had an earthy scent, the kind that’s like loose leaf tea. The flavor was tart, sweet and fruity, but not like tart cherries. It was like a cherry flavored Jolly Rancher. As my bite melted the earthy flavor of Rooibos tea peeked through a little bit. This bar was also delicious 🙂

I was impressed and amazed by the Carrot, Lemon & Thyme and Beet & Black Currant swirl bars. The Vanilla Rooibos Tea was also really good. I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of these bars disappear within a day or two 🙂 I’m looking forward seeing what Raaka comes up with next!

Raaka Chocolate: Made in Brooklyn, NY

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