Map Chocolate

I ordered this Belize 80% bar along with Mackenzie River’s Power for the Pink bar, which was absolutely delicious by the way. (If you didn’t know, Mackenzie is the maker behind Map Chocolate.) I was very curious about the inclusion combination. I would never have thought to include cashew butter with mint, let alone coconut with mint, or coconut with cashew butter. It’s unique and so of course I wanted to try it for myself.

The description Mackenzie included with this bar said she wanted to take away some of the “brittle edginess” that “many very dark chocolates” have, and tried using this flavor combination to bring “peaks of light” to the chocolate. She also says that this bar made her think of the Game of Thrones television show. She includes some lyrics:

“Was it just a game to you?

But I’m in so deep

You know I’m such a fool for you

You’ve got me wrapped around your finger

You know I thought the world of you”

She also references a story by Shakespeare called Titus Andronicas, but I’m not familiar with that story and never had to write a paper on it as she jokes about, so I’m going to go on with my thoughts from tasting the bar.

I could smell the coconut as it was sprinkled on the back and a little bit of the mint. I first tasted the cashew butter followed by the coconut. The texture was smooth aside from the coconut bits. The mint flavor came in sort of strong and I was reminded of candy canes. The combo reminded me of those Bounty candy bars but with the addition of a touch of mint. The combo is very unique and admire the bold combo!

Map Chocolate: Made in Eugene, OR

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