Zotter Chocolates and Mitzi Blue

I grabbed the Gin Zitronic bar at Chocolate & More in Munich, Germany (who had an amazing Zotter collection), because it’s flavor combo sounded like gin and tonic. From the gin and tonics my husband makes, they contain gin, lemon and tonic. What I’m amused by is the back of the packaging containing the warning that this bar contains alcohol. I cannot see such a bar being openly sold in the U.S. due to this warning since the U.S. has such strict alcohol regulations. It reminded me of the German version of NyQuil, called MediNait, I had to get while staying there to get over my cold. There was a version of MediNait with alcohol and one without. The ingredients list was only in German, so the bits I could read were that this bar contains lemon juice (zitronensaft), lemon concentrate (zitronensaftkonzentrat), grapefruit concentrate (grapefruitkonzentrat), soy lecithin (sojalecithin) and gin (gin). Once I opened the wrapper, the appearance of the bar reminded me of those chocolate covered protein or breakfast bars.

The chocolate had a soft break and inside I could see two layers of filling: a lighter lemon cream layer and a gin ganache layer. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the inside before consuming this bar. I could definitely smell the gin, some lemon and chocolaty-ness. The texture also reminded me of soft nougat bars I’ve had in the past with chewy bits possibly made up of lemon. I got the slow burn of gin with a light zing of lemon and the warmth of chocolate. The gin lingered  in the aftertaste. Neither the gin nor the lemon were too strong for me or prevented me from enjoying the chocolate itself. The husband really liked this bar! I’m not a fan of drinking gin and tonic beverages, but I had a pleasant experience trying it in chocolate form.

At first glance, the Mitzi Blue bar doesn’t look like it’s by Zotter, but in smaller vertical print it says “Zotter Schokoladen” on the front! The combo of mango with what I believe means wild berries (waldbeeren, Wald = wood, beeren = berries) piqued my interest. The description inside of the packaging is all in German. What I can gather is that some kind of car was involved in collaborating or being the inspiration to create this line of bars, but unfortunately I don’t know enough German to understand it all and the Zotter website doesn’t address this either. I liked how they say in the description that they rösten, mahlen, walzen and conchieren their cacao (roast, grind, roll, conche).

This chocolate bar is unique in shape and appearance. The combined scent of sweet berries with mango reminded me of nuts. As my bite melted, I first tasted bright mango with creamy milk chocolate before the sweet and tart berry flavor developed. There was a party in my mouth with the fruitiness of mango with the berries danced about. The creaminess of white chocolate and tartness from the mango and berries lingered in the aftertaste. The darker central circle tasted predominantly of berries. This was a delicious bar and it woke me up as I was trying this bar while feeling sleepy 🙂

Both bars were unique for me and I’m glad I picked them up! I almost didn’t as I know I can order other Zotter bars online from the U.S.

Zotter Chocolates: Made in Austria

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