Chocolate Sample Medley

In my previous post, I had received several samples from a fellow blogger and chocoholic friend, Victoria Cooksey. She was generous in sending me multiple samples of not only 100% bars from her personal chocolate stash, but from bars ranging from 60% to 75%. After tasting several 100% bars, these all tasted very sweet and gave my palate a needed break from intense cocoa flavors.

Mission Chocolate 75% Brazil with dried cupuaçu – This chocolate smelled very fruity due to the cupuaçu and like Victoria mentioned in her review, it smelled very much like mango. With the cupuaçu side down on my tongue it also tasted so much like dried mangoes. The chocolate itself was smooth and melted quickly. The cupuaçu was much stronger in flavor and overpowered the chocolate, but I enjoyed the bar anyway! Victoria is very good at picking out flavor and aroma notes and I recommend taking a look at her thoughts here!

Raphio 72% Ecuador – This chocolate smelled chocolatey and nutty. The flavor was strongly nutty, like roasted unsalted almonds. It melted so smoothly and it quickly melted in my mouth. I would get this bar in its full sized form since I enjoyed the flavor and texture!

TCHO 68% umami microbatch with black garlic, seaweed, shiitake and sea salt – The chocolate smelled like the spice drawer my family had while growing up. I could pick out the scent of garlic and savory, earthiness of seaweed and shiitake. I first tasted shiitake soon followed by seaweed and a touch of garlic and salt. The flavor combination reminded me of a powdered ramen stock my husband and I tried to make which consisted of garlic, kombu seaweed and bacon. The salt lingered in the aftertaste. Definitely an umami flavor combination and delicious! Victoria smelled earthiness, pepper, seawater and black lava salt (she’s very good at pinpointing flavors!). She tasted salt, caramelized garlic, cocoa, sesame seed cracker and experienced a long garlic finish.

Intrigue Chocolate 64% rosemary, blackberry, honey, alderwood smoked sea salt – I could definitely smell smokiness from this chocolate, but I first tasted rosemary and sea salt. Maybe because of the honey the flavors started to remind me of sea salt caramels. I didn’t pick up any of the blackberry. It’s always interesting when comparing tasting notes with fellow chocoholics because on Instagram Victoria smelled rosemary, lavender, honey and honeysuckle and tasted lavender, rosemary, salt and savoriness.

Xocolatl 60% Love and Happiness blood orange, olive oil and raspberry – I could smell and taste citrus from blood orange. As my bite melted, the raspberry came out strong. The olive oil was harder for me to detect. My husband also tried this and said he tasted mainly raspberry but had already eaten his piece before realizing he tasted the blood orange as well. This was really good and I would eat an entire bar of this stuff!

After sampling a lot of 100% bars in the previous posts, these sweeter bars were a nice welcome back into my chocolate comfort zone 🙂 I enjoyed trying all of them, especially the Raphio and Xocolatl. Victoria Cooksey writes the blog Dark Chocolate Matters Reviews. More of her thoughts on various chocolate products can be found on Instagram and on YouTube.

These are my personal thoughts and experiences. I did not receive pay or any compensation for reviewing any products. Website links to articles, companies and other sources of information directly related to the topic written within the posts were included during the time of writing and the writer will not be held responsible for future changes on such website links. All images are original and the property of Time To Eat Chocolate unless specifically stated otherwise.

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