Going to the Dark Side Part 1

I know several people who love to consume dark chocolate, but not many jump for joy whenever I ask them about 100% bars. To be honest, I don’t get excited either, but I want to try to change that. I want to try to appreciate 100% bars for their intensity and not letting sugar cover any of the natural flavors developed in the cocoa during the chocolate making process. I’m going to try sampling several 100% bars and see if by the end I’ve managed to help my taste buds adjust to going all the way to the dark side!

I’m starting off with a couple of 100% bars I bought during a recent visit to Germany. I grabbed the Kuná and PURistique bars at a store called Chocolate & More in Munich. The 100% PURistiue bar was actually thrown into my bag for free by the lady at the shop! And because I’m trying to efficient today, I’m also going to include my thoughts on the 70% PURistique bar 🙂

The 100% PURistique bar smelled spicy, but tasted bitter and spicy. Partway through my bite the chocolate had a bit of a bread aftertaste flavor going on. At the end I tasted astringency and nutty. The chocolate’s texture was fudgy.

The 70% bar smelled sweet and fruity, the complete opposite experience I had from the 100%! The flavor was also sweet and very fruity reminding me of mixed berries and of apples. Halfway and to the end of my bite I was reminded of chocolate covered cherries, like those by Dilettante. The 70% was delicious and I like it a lot!

The Kuná bar smelled earthy, like dirt. I first tasted astringency followed by earthiness. Partway through my bite I experienced a touch of bright citrus followed by strong nuttiness, like walnuts. My bite ended with strong nuttiness and astringency. A coworker who tried this with me said this was the “least painful” out of the two German 100% bars.

So… to be honest I wasn’t in love with either of the 100% bars. The one I tolerated the most was by Kuná because of the walnut-like flavor. The 70% by PURistique I would definitely have again 🙂 Coming up in Part 2 is where a fellow blogger and chocoholic friend sent me multiple little samples of 100% bars they had!

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