Fruition – Brown Butter Milk Chocolate

I had been eyeing this bar for a while and I made the excuse to get it in a combined order a while back. This bar was actually consumed the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day since I brought along to attend a parade with our puppy, Thompson, in Old Town Alexandria. We were able to walk down the street in the pre-parade section with other dog owners.

Our wheaten colored Scottish Terrier named Thompson!

Apparently the Scottish Terrier is the Alexandria city’s mascot! We thought it would be perfect to bring Thompson along with hopes of running into other Scottie owners. We saw a couple of other people with Scotties, but sadly we didn’t get the chance to say hi to the owners. Getting a Scottie playmate for Thompson will take a little while longer 😦

Getting back to the chocolate, this bar had a deep caramel scent and flavor, which reminded me of what I like to call “meaty” caramels. Those type of caramels have a nice chewy texture and are covered with chocolate and sea salt… I’m drooling just thinking about it again 🙂 This bar melted easily and smoothly. I would definitely eat this bar again!

Fruition: Made in Shokan, NY

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