Naive Chocolate

Ever since I tried Naive’s Ambrosia Dark Pollen bar and remembered how much I liked it, I decided it was time to try more of Domantas’ creations.

As someone who likes the combination of chocolate + peanut butter but has a hard time finding craft chocolate bars with this combination, I practically jumped for joy when I saw that Naive had their own version. As you would expect, this bar smelled and tasted like peanut butter with creamy deliciousness of milk chocolate. The texture was amazingly smooth and it took all of my self control (which I have little of) to not eat the whole thing in one sitting! I won’t repeat Domantas’ description of this bar, but I recommend reading it for yourself here.

I’ve seen this bar shared on social media before and it seemed to be highly recommended by fellow chocoholics. I’m going off topic but I had to laugh when reading the description on the packaging because it says, “… puts the mind into a state of trance.” A State of Trance is an electronic music radio show I listen to that’s hosted by my favorite DJ, which is why I got a kick out of it 🙂 The description mentions that the bar can taste sweet and sour at the same time due to the Incan berries inside.

The scent was very fruity, reminding me of goji berries, and delicious! Indeed, once the chocolate was melting on my tongue I got that mixture of sweetness with tartness and mild sourness. The dark chocolate seemed to ground the bright fruitiness making a delightful flavor combination. My bite ended with lingering tartness and deep chocolaty flavors.

It seems my experiences with Naive have been awesome so far! I’m definitely going to be trying more of Domantas’ bars in the future!

Naive Chocolate: Made in Lithuania

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