Solstice – Bolivia

When I first tried Solstice I learned that I really like their 70% Wasatch Blend for its subtle spiciness. I figured I needed to start slowly making my way through trying as many of their bars as I can, so today it’s their Bolivia bar.

Though the tasting notes listed on the packaging mentioned nut, honey and cream, I smelled sea salt and caramel. If I searched for them, I could detect nut, honey and cream. The bar had an ashy look to it and it was hard to break apart. Rather than letting the chocolate naturally melt on my tongue, I had to dig in and chomp. The nutty flavor reminded me of almonds mixed in with creaminess and some sweetness. The nuttiness lingered in the aftertaste.

I shared this with a coworker who said the bar tasted like brownies to them. We both liked it and I quickly finished the rest of the bar 😀 Time will tell which Solstice bar I try next!

Solstice: Made in Salt Lake City, UT

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