Taste Chocolate

These bars are courtesy of my mother, who generously put together many bars made in Utah (the state my parents are current living) for me as a Christmas gift. I have just recently started trying them. Sorry, Mom!

“Taste Chocolate” seems very straightforward and I was curious why they called themselves that… but looking at their website it makes sense. They carry not just chocolate bars but oil, vinegar and honey among other products. They’re basically encouraging people to try what’s locally made in Utah. Like Cacao Review, who is also based out of Utah, they sell bars by other chocolate makers.

The back of the packaging mentions the Piura bar was created using white cacao/cocoa beans, which are not very common. They’re specifically from Peru and the packaging pointed out that the chocolate itself is lighter in color compared to other dark chocolates. The tasting notes are listed as caramel, fig and “subtle melon”. I tried this bar with coworkers and we all agreed the chocolate has a very strong scent. At first I thought it might be herby but one of them said it was like raisins, and I have to agree with them.

I could definitely taste fig, earthiness and subtle caramel with some astringency. As my bite melted, the fig flavor intensified as the astringency became subtle. My bite ended with astringency and a dry feeling on my tongue.

For the Amazonas bar, the packaging mentions that Awajan natives harvested the cocoa using wooden tools to avoid damaging the beans. The tasting notes are listed as blackberry and cream. The bar smelled and tasted fruity and tart in a way that was reminiscent of wild blackberries. The texture was smooth and I did not taste any creaminess. I did get chocolaty flavors other than blackberry. This chocolate did not leave a dry feeling in my mouth.

I prefer the Amazonas bar over the Piura for the blackberry flavor, but overall both were good! I ended up snacking on both of these bars while driving to and from work, so they did not last long in my hands 🙂

Taste Chocolate: Made in Provo, Utah

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