Raaka – January First Nibs

You know, when it comes to life in general I’m usually early or on time. I’m rarely late for arriving at appointments or for coming in to work. Yet I’m always late with sharing my Raaka First Nibs selections! I think this will be an unsolved mystery of my life for a long time.

Unfortunately I did not receive the usual paper describing what cocoa beans were used or any interesting tidbits about each bar, but I managed to track down the automated email I received from Raaka regarding the January selection. As a disclaimer, the January First Nibs originally included Raaka’s Bourbon Cask Aged bar, but I excluded it from this tasting since I had tried it before. Instead I contacted Raaka and asked if I could order their Hot Toddy bar.

The Asochivite and Lachuá bars are both 70% with the cacao originating from two different microlots from central Guatemala. These two bars were included in the first batch of chocolate made by Raaka in 2018!

The scent of the Asochivite bar reminded me of Raaka’s Cabernet Sauvignon bar in that it had a strong fruity, grape-like scent. Though the scent was wonderful, the immediate flavor was smoky. As my bite melted, the same fruity flavor I initially smelled developed.

The scent of the Lachuá bar was chocolaty and berry-like, as though I were smelling raspberries. A burst of berry flavor erupted in my mouth followed by medium-strength astringency, meaning it wasn’t overbearing nor was it very subtle. The raspberry flavor turned grape-like as my bite quickly melted. The end and aftertaste consisted of a dry feeling in my mouth and lingering berry flavors.

Sadly I could not track down the email from Raaka regarding their Hot Toddy bar, but I know hot toddies are generally made up of lemon juice, honey and bourbon topped off with hot water. Sometimes my fiancé has made them using black tea as the base. They’re great for when you’re fighting a cold and perfect for warming you up during cold weather.

The ingredients list includes black tea, lemon and cloves. The scent kind of reminded me of chai tea, but I could pick out the lemon. The flavor was immediately a combination of black tea with lemon. The astringency in this bar reminded me of the sharpness of bourbon. As my bite easily melted in my mouth, the lemon almost made me pucker. The black tea lingered in the aftertaste. I couldn’t really taste cloves despite it being included in the ingredients list.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the initial smokiness in the Asochivite bar, but I enjoyed the fruity, grape-like scent and flavor. The Lachuá was alright, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of my top favorites. I liked the hot toddy bar despite my not being able to detect the cloves.  It reminded me of the hot toddies my fiancé makes and it was perfect for feeling cozy while it was raining outside. I think the main winner here is Hot Toddy! Now I’ll see if my fiancé wants to make one for the both of us 🙂

Raaka: Made in Brooklyn, NY

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