Friis Holm- Triple Turned Chuno 70%

I first heard of Friis Holm from someone I follow on Instagram by the name @chocoladeoglykke. This lady posts minimalist but beautiful photos of chocolate and I drool every time I see them. I managed to pick this bar up at The Chocolate House in D.C.

At the store I noticed that there were Chuno 70% Double Turned and Triple Turned bars. I had to guess on the spot which one to take home. Friis Holm’s website says that for the Double Turned bar the cocoa beans were fermented for five days while the beans were turned twice. The tasting notes consist of fruitiness, black olives and spices. For the Triple Turned bar, the cocoa was fermented for five days as well but turned three times. The tasting notes consist of black olives and citrus with mild acidity.

The bar smelled faintly chocolaty and of citrus. As the back of the package says, the bar was smooth and gentle in releasing it’s flavor of citrus and mild acidity mentioned earlier. As my bite melted, I could taste the flavor of black olive. The texture of the bar was very smooth and it melted relatively easily.

Though I’m not a fan of black olives, I liked this bar! My experience matched exactly with what the packaging and website described. If I get the chance to try the Double Turned bar, I will definitely get it!

Friis Holm: Made in Denmark

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One thought on “Friis Holm- Triple Turned Chuno 70%

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a Friis Holm bar…almost picked one up (well, ok, almost added one to my online cart) several times but I never could do it…due to the price. I can get 2 to 3 other craft chocolate bars for the price of one Friis Holm (depending on the bar). Someday maybe… Thanks for sharing what you thought of yours. 🙂


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