I bought Askanya the last time I visited The Chocolate House in D.C. and it’s probably the last remaining bar I have from that trip. My chocolate stash will get stocked up again when I attend the D.C. Chocolate Festival in April.

Askanya’s full name is Les Chocolateries Askanya founded by Corinne Joachim-Sanon. They’re the first Haitian-based chocolate maker even though cacao from Haiti is already used by other chocolate makers. I love hearing stories of people who earn their university degree in one subject, start working in that field and then quit to start their own chocolate business. Corinne started with a degree in engineering and worked in New York before moving back to Haiti to start Askanya. Because she was brand new to making her own chocolate, she hired and received help from other chocolate makers and experts. Because her business is only two years old and still quite small, she’s slowly releasing new bars one by one and hopes to expand in 2018.

The bar smelled lightly floral and nutty. The first thought that came was mind was, “This is sweet!” That may be thanks to the bar being 60% cocoa and there’s vanilla bean in it. The vanilla flavor intensified as my bite melted but I could still enjoy chocolaty goodness that reminded me of a rich drinking chocolate. Nutty and the possibly floral notes lingered in the background.

This bar was delicious! It reminded me of dark milk bars where the chocolate is sweet but not too sweet. I definitely hope I can try more Askanya bars in the future!

Askanya: Made in Nord-Est, Haiti

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