Labooko – For Those in Love

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, it was a no brainer that I needed to pick an appropriately themed bar, or bars in this case. I remember Sharon Terenzi, a fellow chocolate blogger, sharing this set of Labooko bars on Instagram to celebrate the holiday and I decided to try them for myself this year.

I like how Labooko used a white chocolate raspberry and 60% Ecuador bar as sort of a yin and yang concept. I personally like to think of this as opposites being attracted to each other. I love seeing the differences between two people in a marriage or long term relationship. There’s always some similarities but also opposites in how they balance each other. For example, my fianceé is very patient and does not rush when it comes to making decisions. Myself on the other hand am very impatient and I tend to make rash decisions, especially when I am feeling short on time to make said decision. One of my challenges is to learn from him in how to become more patient.

The 60% Ecuador bar smelled chocolaty, sweet and a touch earthy. The flavor was delightfully tangy, sweet and fruity. As my bite melted some nuttiness evolved. Toward the end I could taste malt mingled with nuttiness. The flavor notes listed on the packaging include floral, nutty, malt and toffee. The chocolate melted smoothly and relatively quickly.

The raspberry bar smelled like raspberries with a little bit of lemon as the ingredients included lemon powder. Strong tangy raspberry and lemon flavors played together while being grounded by the creaminess of white chocolate. It was a nice bar to wake up with as I’m tasting in the morning. Creaminess from the white chocolate and raspberry lingered in the aftertaste.

I really enjoyed both bars, and the texture was amazing! I loved how smoothly and quickly the chocolate melted. I’m looking forward to trying more Labooko bars in the future. I’m sharing the rest of this with the fiancé now 🙂

Labooko: Made in Austria

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2 thoughts on “Labooko – For Those in Love

  1. Hey Lori, looks like you liked Zotter, so I’m sharing this with you
    one of their bars (one of my favorites) is on `clearance` – only $2.5.

    you can read my notes about the bar here
    It’s really great, highly recommended!

    I’m not affiliated with them, just trying to share.

    P.P.S this particular bar from your post is also on sale, i’m already waiting for my delivery 🙂


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