Chocotenango – The last few bars I needed to try!

I have finally gotten my hands on the last three bars by Ismael at Chocotenango that I have yet to try! If you want to read more about Ismael and which of his other bars I’ve sampled before, go here.

The last bar I need to try out of Ismael’s regular chocolate line is the Maya. I could smell the chili but it wasn’t very strong. At first I could only taste chocolaty flavors, but then WHAM! The chili smacked me in the face and woke me up, which was great because I’m trying this on a Monday and the whole morning was spent feeling groggy. My mouth was pretty much on fire the rest of the time the chocolate was in my mouth. This was a bit too spicy for my personal taste, but I have coworker who loves really, really spicy foods who could definitely appreciate this! My cubemate also tried this bar with me and said he didn’t find it “refreshing” but “weird” and could describe why he felt that way.

The Bolivian bar smelled and tasted strongly nutty and roasted. As my bite melted, a savory fruity flavor like coconut developed followed by light tropical fruity notes as the roasted flavor dissipated. Nuttiness remained throughout my whole bite into the aftertaste.

The Kaffe bar took a while to get. It was so popular that it was out of stock for a while until I was able to purchase it in person at a farmer’s market. The scent of coffee was strong and the flavor of the coffee turned roasted, fruity and a touch astringent. I’m not sure if the Bolivian cocoa or Ismael’s usual Domincan cocoa was used for the base of this bar. I’m guessing Bolivian due to the roasted flavor.

I have to be honest that the chili bar was the only one by Ismael that I was not fond of, but it’s great that all the other bars in his regular chocolate line I’ve liked! I’m also glad to have finally tried all of his bar creations 🙂 So the coworker who likes really spicy foods tried the chili bar and said it tasted bitter. The first thought: “Where’s the chili? Ooooh there it is.” He ended up keeping the rest of the bar anyway because he walked away while munching on it 😀

Chocotenango: Made in Washington, D.C.

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