Fleurir Chocolates

Fleurir is currently based out of Alexandria, VA, but they used to have a location in Georgetown, D.C., which was where I first got to try their products and where they were originally based. They no longer have that Georgetown location, but I remember it was a couple of streets north from M Street NW. The shop seemed to be in a very quiet area set apart from the hustle and bustle of shoppers and traffic. I had stopped by there twice to pick up bonbons and truffles. I’m sad that store is no longer there, but I also don’t go into Georgetown as often as I used to.

I had never tried any of Fleurir’s bars and I had the chance to pick some up at The Emporiyum, which took place in November in D.C. As much as I was tempted to try more of their bonbons and truffles, I wanted to get a few bars as gifts and for myself. I picked the ones the lady at the Fleurir table happily recommended.

Fleurir was started in 2009 by Robert Ludlow and his wife Ashley Hubbard. In 2012, an article announced that the shop would expand to the Old Town part of Alexandria. According to their website, he and Michelle Whittaker are the chocolatiers.

I think it’s cute the chocolate bars are named after parts of D.C. and the surrounding areas. The chai tea milk chocolate is called The Northwest Bar, probably after the northwestern part of D.C. and possibly after the area Fleurir originally started. I remember getting really excited when I first tried Theo’s chai tea milk chocolate bar and I fell in love with that flavor combination. I could see tiny flecks of tea in the bar and the scent was strong of chai. It smelled SO good! The flavor was a mixture of chai and creamy milk chocolate goodness. My cubemate tried these bars with me and he also enjoyed the scent and flavor of this bar.

The Georgetown Bar consisted of butterscotch toffee and salted pretzels in dark chocolate. The scent was a mixture of sweet and salty, and kind of like… barbecue? I’m not sure why I’m smelling that. I think my sinuses are playing tricks on me. Or maybe not, because the flavor was kind of smoky when I put the chocolate in my mouth but the sweetness of toffee pulled through and eventually some saltiness from the pretzels. I’m very curious why I’m tasting smokiness, but my cubemate also enjoyed this bar and even asked me to pick one up for him if I stop by Fleurir’s shop in Alexandria 🙂

The Alexandria Bar consisted of candied espresso beans in dark chocolate. I think it’s suitable that espresso would be associated with Alexandria. There are a few local coffee shops in Old Town that some of my friends and I enjoy stopping by when we’re in the area. The scent was strongly of espresso with some smokiness and nuttiness, like peanuts and walnuts. Once again I try a bar with coffee in it and it either has a fruity or nutty flavor to it! That nutty flavor developed into what reminded me of peanut butter as my bite melted.

Because these were bars by a chocolatier, I didn’t expect any flavor stories to unfold, but a mishmash of ingredients to experience as my bite melted. The only bar I was not fond of was The Georgetown bar for that strange smokiness. I’m not sure what Fleurir uses for couverture. Despite that, next time I go to Alexandria I need to hunt down their shop!

Fluerir Chocolates: Made in Alexandria, VA

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