WKND Chocolate

WKND Chocolate was on my chocolate wish list but what pushed it up in priority was my sister’s recent interest in turmeric. She was advised by a friend to try turmeric to help alleviate migraines. Instead of going straight to shredded turmeric in hot water, I suggested she try chocolate containing turmeric. Thanks to positive posts I’ve seen by fellow bloggers and chocoholics, the Turmeric of a Goat Thing by WKND seemed the best candidate to try.

What I had forgotten was that my sister does not like spicy foods, as in hot spicy. And this bar contains cayenne pepper. I knew this bar had cayenne when I read the ingredients, but mistakenly still offered the chocolate to my sister. In the end I got to take the rest of it home. I’m not complaining because now I get to try the turmeric bar that everyone else has been raving about!

Before I dive into trying these bars, I first want to mention that Lauren Heineck, the chocolate maker behind WKND, is a busy woman! She’s not only making chocolate, but also managing a Facebook page called Well Tempered and a podcast also called Well Tempered. Her chocolate making business is only one year old! I originally only ordered the Turmeric of a Goat Thing with two other bars, but Laura was very generous in sending a few others my way.

If I’m tasting multiple bars in one sitting, I normally don’t start with the spiciest one, but I can’t wait to try Turmeric of a Goat Thing! It contains a medley of spices, but the obvious ones I smell are turmeric, ginger and cinnamon with creaminess of the white chocolate. I first tasted ginger, turmeric, cloves and cinnamon while the heat of cayenne slowly intensified as my bite melted. I couldn’t outright taste the white pepper but the other spices might have been overpowering it. This bar reminded me of turmeric milk that my fiancé made the other night. That milk might have been improved with the addition of some spices like this bar 😉 I don’t know how Lauren came up the spice combination for this bar, but I like it and I’m curious how it would do in dark/single origin chocolate.

I guess we’re working our way from creamy chocolate to dark/single origin chocolate today. It’s interesting that the ingredients list for this bar says the cocoa beans is a “house blend” but there are no hints of what could be in the blend. The chocolate smelled chocolatey and the flavor was a tad sour, like goat milk bars I’ve tried in the past. Rather than creaminess like I usually taste in a dark milk bar, I got astringency and something like grapefruit flavor. My bite finished up with some nutty notes. I was honestly hoping this bar would have some creamier flavor to it, but I didn’t get that. The fiancé thought it was a little dry, but enjoyed the aftertaste.

Chocolate bars made with maple-anything make me excited! I think it’s because maple and chocolate combinations are not common and using a variation in sweeteners is interesting. Sure enough, I could faintly smell maple deliciousness from this bar. I first tasted woody and herby flavors mixed with subtle maple as my bite melted. The wood flavor went away halfway through my bite, and the herby turned into jasmine. The maple flavor was more obvious toward the end and it was what I dreamed it would be like: pure delicious chocolatey goodness with some maple. Though the initial flavor combo was not my favorite, the middle part with jasmine and the maple ending I enjoyed.

The back of the packaging lists the coffee as coming from Huckleberry Roasters. The whole milk powder for this bar is “rBST free”. I’ve never noticed that before on any food label and a quick Google search showed that “rBST” means “recombinant bovine growth hormone”, which is a synthetic growth hormone that can be injected into cows to increase milk production. This bar smelled like coffee and cream. I don’t know why, most chocolate + coffee bars I’ve tried the coffee seems to usually have a naturally fruity or berry flavor. That was the case here too. I tasted what reminded me of raspberries with chocolate and cream. I’m not complaining though because I think it tasted delicious! The fiancé said this bar reminded him of espresso.

This bar contains both cane and brown sugar. Most craft chocolate bars contain cane sugar, so I’m curious of why two types of sugar are being used. This bar had a deep earthy scent. The flavor was also earthy and my bite took a while to melt despite having a smooth texture. Some nuttiness developed halfway through my bite and remained that way through the end. The fiancé said the bar seemed “summery” but wasn’t sure why.

This bar had a subtle spicy scent. I tasted some astringency and spiciness before a red berry flavor creeped in. I also tasted some nuttiness. I don’t know why I seem to taste nuttiness in almost all of these bars. My bite ended with subtle astringency, subtle berry and nuttiness. The fiancé said he tasted a rich blackberry flavor.

I always enjoy my fiancé trying chocolate with me so I can hear another opinion. The Café con Leche and Turmeric of a Goat Thing are definitely not lasting the rest of the day as they were my favorites! The fiancé like the turmeric and 78% Tanzania the best. Though I may not have loved the other bars, WKND is a young business and I look forward to trying more of Lauren’s work!

WKND Chocolate: Made in Denver, CO

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