Francois Pralus – Indonesia

During the holidays I had the chance to stop by my favorite chocolate store in Richmond, VA, where I found their Francois Pralus selection was sizeable and I remembered that I haven’t shared many experiences sampling their bars on Time To Eat Chocolate. I used to consume a lot of Francois Pralus in my early years of living around Washington, D.C., but sadly I never recorded my thoughts or which bars I had tried.

The back of the bar gave a helpful description explaining that the cacao is a criollo variety brought to the island of Java in Indonesia by the Spanish in the 17th century. The expected flavor is smokiness due a combination of the island’s terroir, harvesting, fermenting and drying methods and whatever process Francois Pralus uses to create their bars. Indeed the scent is of light smokiness. Smokiness in chocolate always reminds me of barbecue and savoriness. It’s almost dinnertime at the time of my writing this, so I could also just be hungry.

These larger sized Francois Pralus bars are like bricks. They’re thick and have some heft to them. I haven’t tried using them as weapons but it took a bit of effort to break off a piece. The flavor was also lightly smoky but then the flavor turned sour. I could barely finish eating this bar because the combination of smoky with sour was making my stomach turn. Chomping through the rest of my bite brought back just the smoky flavor with a touch of earthiness and astringency.

Sadly I can’t say I want to experience tasting this bar again. It may be great for other people with the palate adjusted to this type of strong flavor, but I can’t handle it. Thankfully I think I know of someone I can give the rest of the bar to and who will appreciate it.

Francois Pralus: Made in France

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3 thoughts on “Francois Pralus – Indonesia

  1. damecacao

    I tried this for my Ecole Chocolat class and was not a fan, either. The smokiness is in no way subtle, and was definitely a defect for me! I agree that it would suit some tastes, but none of those tastes are mine. Have you tried their Ghana?


    1. Lori

      I haven’t tried their Ghana before, but I will do that the next time I get the chance to try another Francois Pralus bar. Thank you for the suggestion!


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