Millcreek Cacao Roasters

I had not heard of Millcreek Cacao Roasters until my sister, while visiting my parents, sent me a photo of what chocolate options were available at a nearby store. First of all, I was amazed and admittedly jealous that my parents had such a great craft chocolate selection available not far from their home. Second, my eyes landed on packaging that I was not familiar with, which was Millcreek. My mom was surprised that I hadn’t tried them before and was kind to ship a couple of bar my way.

I know there are several chocolate makers based out of Utah, such as Solstice, Ritual and Amano, but Millcreek somehow flew under the radar when I last Google searched for chocolate makers in that state. And yet the address on the back of the packaging reads Salt Lake City as their location! Google needs some updating or something so more people can find Millcreek.

The packaging is simple yet elegant as the bar slides out of the bar. A sheet inside explains that Millcreek sources their Arriba Nacional beans from from a farm called Hacienda Limon in Ecuador. The cacao can have caramel and fruity flavor notes.

I’m excited to try any berry + chocolate combination in bar form, so I’m trying the blackberry one first. The description for this bar on Millcreek’s website says it’s “warmly sweet and slightly tart”. The chocolate smelled very sweet, almost like a syrup. The flavor was a strong berry flavor but I was reminded me of grape flavored Jolly Ranchers. As my bite melted, though, the chocolate tasted more roasted and the berry flavor subsided to something like cough syrup. This bar was a bit too sweet for my tastes and I can’t say I’m fond of my chocolate reminding me of medicine, especially as I’m getting over a cold at the time of my writing this.

This bar had the strong scent of mint. Like the blackberry bar, the flavor of mint was quite strong in flavor and it reminded me of mint gum. The description for this bar on Millcreek’s site says “refreshing and pungent”. I wouldn’t say it’s refreshing, but it is definitely pungent. My fiancé tried these bars with me too and wondered if the overpowering flavors could be masking something. I’m curious as well. Or maybe simply a lot of flavoring was infused into the cacao beans or whatever process Millcreek uses to infuse flavors into their chocolate.

I can’t say I’m a fan of both these bars. Sorry, Millcreek! Maybe I’ll be able to give them a second chance, but for now my chocolate stash is currently quite large due to receiving a lot of chocolate for Christmas. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Millcreek Cacao Roasters: Made in Salt Lake City, UT

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