Marou Mini Bars

I’ve tried Marou a couple of times at this point and I’m on a mission to try as much of their chocolate as I can! Like the last time I got my hands on Marou, I bought these bars at Bluprint Chocolatier. If you want to read more on Marou, you can check out my previous posts where I’ve gone into more detail about their story.

This bar smelled very nutty! The flavor was also nutty but it was very subtle until I chomped on my bite. At the end, there was very mild astringency, but otherwise nuttiness prevailed. This bar reminded me of a hot chocolate I made for myself one time when I melted down some leftover chocolate bars.

This bar smelled bright and citrusy and made me think about the sunlight shining through the window while standing in the kitchen in the morning hours. I also had to chomp on this one to detect the flavor better, and I tasted nutty mixed with citrus and a touch of smokiness. The end of my bite finished with mostly nuttiness and smokiness.

This bar also smelled citrusy, but more like lemon whereas the previous bar smelled more like oranges. When I chomped on this, the flavor was slightly sour like lemon but subtle. I was reminded of lemon poppyseed muffins.

I realize that at this point I’ve had all but one of Marou’s bars from their single origin line! The only one I’m missing is their Tien Giang 70%, so I will keep an eye out for that one.

Marou: Made in Vietnam


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