La Naya – Limited Edition Bars

This is the first time I’ve witnessed La Naya release new bars since I’ve tried the first 5 that are regulars in their chocolate line. I felt the immediate need to place an order as soon as I could. This is a good sign because it means I’ve been hooked onto their products! Ever since my first time trying La Naya’s chocolate, I’ve reordered their Raspberries & Pineapple bar and I’ve had trouble sharing it with other people.

These bars were simple yet classy looking and the inside of the packaging is gorgeous! Both bars had a helpful card talking about the emotion that’s been infused into each bar. Does this sound unique! You bet it does, and that’s what sets La Naya apart from other chocolate bars.


The flavor notes listed for this bar include hops, mushrooms and blackberries. The description also includes “wild flowers, the passage of time… the miracle of childhood”. The chocolate definitely smelled like blackberries with a hint of hops and mushroom. Once it was in my mouth, it tasted tart, a little earthy (or maybe it’s the mushroom), and strong in overall flavor. The mushroom flavor and astringency grew in intensity as my bite melted. Midway I tasted mainly earthiness with a touch of blackberry. My experience ended with blackberry flavor and some tartness. My fiancé tried the bar too and said it tasted “nutty bitter”.

I like how the card that came with this bar says, “Every human life is a complex harmony of sweet and bitter forces,” and that “Random passers-by live lives as complex as your own”. Many times I wonder why people behave or say the things they do, and I need this as a constant reminder that I don’t know their story and the struggles they are facing. The flavors notes listed for this bar include coffee, strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. The description also included “brotherhood of mankind” and empathy. I immediately tasted strawberry. It was smooth and like having a mouthful of jam mixed with chocolate. The coffee flavor and mild astringency developed as my bite melted. My experienced finished with mild astringency and berry flavors.

Because I’m biased and have a preference for berries + chocolate, I liked the Vietnam bar better than Costa Rica. I specifically liked how the chocolate reminded me of strawberry jam. I’m excited to see if La Naya makes any more limited edition or brand new bars in the near future!

La Naya: Made in Vilnius, Lithuania

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