Akesson’s – Fazenda Sempre Firme

During a recent visit to Blüprint Chocolatiers in Alexandria, VA, I picked up the Fazenda Sempre Firme bar by Akesson’s. It was time for me to revisit Akesson’s chocolate and so far Blüprint has been my local source of getting them. Fazenda Sempre Firme is the name of the plantation Bertil Akesson purchased with his Brazilian parter Dr. Angelo Calmon de Sa. Since their purchase of the property in 2009, locals have been referring to it as paradise, or “paraiso”.

On Akesson’s website, their description says, “this chocolate has expressive notes that evoke wood, autumn scents, and the local pitanga fruit; a perfect match to the aromatic notes of honey, malt and maple syrup present in our Brazilian Bourbon coffee nibs.” I have no idea what pitanga fruit smells or tastes like, so I just have to trust them. Hearing the scent of coffee being sweet like honey and maple syrup is completely new to me. Usually I just smell roasted scents from coffee beans (I make French press coffee before going to work).

I could definitely smell coffee and light maple syrup from this bar. I first tasted coffee followed by fruitiness with honey. Partway through my bite I could taste what was similar to maple syrup. Some astringency developed with a burst of fruity flavor. Toward the end the astringency dissipated and I was left once again with coffee flavor with subtle fruity and woody notes.

Though I tasted mostly coffee throughout my bite, the subtle sweetness that was very much like maple syrup was a different experience for me. This is a great bar for coffee lovers!

Akesson’s: Made in France, Based out of London, UK


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