Fu Wan Chocolate

“Made in Taiwan?!” I stared at my screen to make sure I was reading it correctly. Yes, this bar is definitely made in Taiwan. Cocoa trees mainly grow 20 degrees and north and south of the equator, but just because a country falls within that band doesn’t mean we commonly see chocolate grown AND made there. (I say mainly because I’ve heard of a cocoa tree being grown in Chicago and Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate is currently monitoring the growth of his own little tree at home in Virginia.) Taiwan has very few bean to bar makers who make chocolate using their own cacao.

When I saw that Fu Wan was being sold by Cocoa Runners, I immediately placed an order since I saw another Instagramer share their bar and at that point you know it’s going to sell very quickly. By the time I got to Cocoa Runners’ website, only the Taiwan #1 62% bar was left in stock, though Fu Wan has other varieties. I’m even mailing half of my bar to a fellow chocoholic since they couldn’t get their hands on one in time.

Fu Wan started off as a resort but became Fu Wan Chocolate when the executive chef, Warren Hsu, met a cacao farmer while on a personal quest to find local ingredients. The Taiwanese government is encouraging cacao to be grown there to help repair the damage done by over farming betel nuts. Though farmers have been able to grow cacao there, the cocoa industry is still young in Taiwan. For a full story about Fu Wan, see Cocoa Runners’ description.

Beautiful packaging and unique in that the bar is hidden away rather than being the immediate focal point when opening the box.

Cocoa Runners describes this bar as having a subtle aroma with a warm spice and chocolatey flavor and a creamy texture. I smelled nutty and a touch of citrus from this bar. I tasted strong nuttiness with caramel and slight astringency. The nutty flavor was like hazelnuts and I experienced the creamy texture Cocoa Runners was talking about.

I really liked this bar! The creamy texture with the strong nutty notes made me think of hazelnut lattes, which sounds amazing at this moment since it’s chilly outside as I’m writing this. Hopefully Fu Wan will become more available in the future. One of their YouTube videos mentions seafood being used in their chocolate and I’m definitely curious about trying that the pink shrimp chocolate shown in the video!

Fu Wan Chocolate: Made in Taiwan

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