Chocolate Matching Game

Thanks to Trish of Eating the Chocolate Alphabet, I got to try a game of matching the chocolate sample with the chocolate name! I’ve seen some of my fellow chocolate bloggers share their results on Instagram and it looked fun. It really challenges your ability to taste flavors and distinguish between them, something that I’m still working on and definitely need improvement.

The empty sheet with the exception of Sample 6 being given.

The dark chocolate samples I struggled with. My messy notes probably show my confusion and conflict on what sample went with which chocolate name.

Out of the 10 samples, I got 3 of them wrong and they were the ones I was most unsure on. I guess I technically passed but it definitely shows that I need improvement on my tasting ability. This was a nice challenge and I enjoyed every moment! I definitely want to try this again a few months from now to see if I’ve improved at all 🙂



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