Cacao Review Collection #1

A while ago my first Collection from Cacao Review came in the mail. I knew it was coming for a long time and I was so excited to finally see what was inside! Hints were leaked out at times as to what the package would contain, but I was still very surprised on the outcome. I thought the chocolate makers and brands Cacao Review was working with were just letting a bar they already made be included in the bag, but nope. Cacao Review had something completely unexpected and new up their sleeves. Every product included in these bags can’t be found anywhere else in the world without purchasing the Collection. And there are only 200 of these bags available. It’s a really neat concept and it truly creates a special club that only you and the other 199 customers get to experience. To read more on Collection #1, go here.

The bag of Collection #1 goodies came packed with a second order I made through Cacao Review.

At the time of writing this post, Cacao Review is holding another Kickstarter to fund Collection #2. If you’re familiar with the average cost of a craft chocolate bar, you know that a lot of money is going into this project. I’m glad that Cacao Review is getting a boost of income from customers and fans such as myself because as a small company, this is a large and expensive feat they are taking on. I contributed for the second collection. If this post inspires you and these unique products seem equally exciting, please consider supporting them as well. If you are interested, you can go here to send a donation.

Let’s move on to the exciting products in Collection #1!

The Map Chocolate bar smelled like butterscotch despite being salted caramel. I first tasted the sea salt followed by a flavor like burnt caramel. The burnt flavor increased as my bite melted, but soon dissipated. Throughout my bite the burnt caramel flavor remained. I’ve seen people raving about this bar on Instagram and it’s definitely unique! I haven’t tried a bar with this kind of flavor and I’m very intrigued. The fiancé said this bar tasted buttery and a friend (who normally doesn’t like chocolate) enjoyed it!

I actually won’t go into detail on tasting Raaka’s first ever roasted Haitian bar because I had already tried it! For my thoughts, go to my post where this bar was involved in playing Russian Roulette using chocolate.

The Durci bar included a description that they had been looking for 5 years to make a bar using white cacao. In Piura, Peru, they were able to connect with a farmer who had mostly white cacao, and this bar was the result. The flavor notes are listed as apricot and lemon. Just by opening the packaging my senses were flooded with a strong fruity scent. My taste buds were washed over with lemon and fruity flavors. My first thought was, “this is delicious!” The tartness of lemon with the tang of fruitiness helped wake me up. I really liked this bar!!!

The Dick Taylor Vanilla Raspberry bar included freeze dried raspberries and vanilla coconut palm sugar. The back of the bar was very pretty with tiny bits of raspberries. I could smell raspberries and coconut. I tasted the tart flavor of raspberry first followed by savory coconut. The chocolate itself also tasted fruity. This bar was also delicious and I immediately savored a second bite 🙂

I hadn’t eaten a chocolate bar with giant inclusions in it like the s’mores bar by Solstice in a very long time. The piece I broke off had a huge chunk of graham cracker. It was very sweet and it’s the kind of bar I could just consume in one sitting due it its sweetness. In fact, that’s what ended up happening. My friend who normally doesn’t like chocolate said it tasted like camping trips 🙂

I won’t be sharing the Solstice drinking chocolate or the Eat Chic hazelnut butter cups since I shared the Solstice drinking chocolate with my fiancé immediately after receiving the package and I forget what my experience was. The Eat Chic hazelnut butter cups had melted by the time I opened them and I’m not sure why I found them in that state since the rest of the chocolate bars were in great condition 😦

Overall Collection #1 provided a nice medley of flavors and I really enjoyed trying unique products by different chocolate makers. I’m looking forward to Collection #2 already! Again, if you are interested in getting your hands on a limited amount of chocolate like this, support Cacao Review in their Kickstarter. If you can’t wait to get your hands on some delicious chocolate, you can order a variety of craft chocolate bars from Cacao Review’s online shop here. I’m wishing the best of luck to Emily and her team at Cacao Review as they take the next steps in their growing business and continuing their project of creating a unique experience for consumers.

Cacao Review: Based out of Utah, USA

These are my personal thoughts and experiences. I did not receive pay or any compensation for reviewing any products. Website links to articles, companies and other sources of information directly related to the topic written within the posts were included during the time of writing and the writer will not be held responsible for future changes on such website links. All images are original and the property of Time To Eat Chocolate unless specifically stated otherwise.

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