Éclat Chocolate

I had to laugh when I read on the back of the packaging, “Let your adventurous side be seduced!” because once again, I am trying a chocolate bar with corn in it. When some of my friends and coworkers learned that I’ve tried a chocolate bar with corn in it (by Wm. Chocolate), they were disgusted, confused and then intrigued. Maybe as chocoholics with an explorative palate it’s more amusing to see people’s reactions than it should be, but let’s be positive and say we’re trying to expand people flavor boundaries.

I picked up this bar at The Chocolate House because seeing toasted corn as an inclusion definitely grabbed my attention. I admire Will’s boldness to put corn in his Papua New Guinea bar, and to see someone else trying that combination was exciting. Éclat Chocolate is not a chocolate maker but a chocolatier, and yes this bar does contain soy lecithin for those who abstain from it. Even though the chocolate is a blend and came from Belgium, the map on the inside of the packaging reveals that Christopher Curtin got his corn from Cuzco, Peru, so one of these items is single origin.

Why did Christopher put corn in their chocolate? The chocolatier enjoyed world travel and was inspired by those experiences to make this unique combination. This chocolate was described as being a “Destination Bar.”

The bar smelled very nutty. The crunchy texture of the corn reminded me of hard granola and the flavor was at first like popcorn minus salt and butter. Halfway through my bite, the combination of nutty chocolate with the corn and subtle raisin flavors was sweet and savory. Overall the texture and flavor was similar to breakfast granola bars, though toward the end the corn flavor was dominant.

The flavor experience with this bar was very interesting. It was as though it tasted like popcorn first, then a granola bar, then corn on a cob. It’s like my summer snacking in a nutshell!

Éclat Chocolate: Made in West Chester, Pennsylvania

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