Patric Chocolate

I used to feel like Patric Chocolate bars were hard to get my hands on. I don’t make it to The Chocolate House as often as I’d like to, though I know they sell some bars there. I can’t order single bars through Patric’s website, either. I signed up for their newsletter so I could receive monthly updates from Alan McClure (the chocolate maker at Patric) about which bars he makes. At that point some bars can be purchased online but you have to buy at least 5 of them per order and you have to strike while the iron is hot, otherwise you can’t order anymore or it seems they’re out of stock. I decided if I wanted to try more of his chocolate, I needed to take the dive and place a 5 bar order.

Though I ordered these bars back in July or August (specifically for the browned butter bar), I didn’t get to open them up until September. My chocolate stash tends to grow more than shrink and it took some time before I finally got to sample them. Since 5 bars is a lot for one person to consume, I decided to bring them along to an event with friends where we all dressed up like the 1930s for a Gatsby themed garden picnic. The classy look of the Patric bars seemed appropriate.

The pictures and tasting of these bars isn’t as clean as I would like. I was feeling rushed at the time since friends were eager to try them and I didn’t want to keep them waiting. I also didn’t want to wait to take photos in case the chocolate would start melting (which it did) as the day went on. Overall, though, the experience was good since some people weren’t aware of craft chocolate and it opened the door for questions and curiosity.

I’m starting off with the bar I was most eager to try. One of my friends and I loved it so much that we ate the whole thing that afternoon! The scent was of salt and butter, just like popcorn. I tasted creaminess like milk chocolate and salty butter flavor with notes of deep caramel. It was sooooo good and easily addictive!

The package said there would be bursts of berry and jam flavor. The bar smelled and tasted just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it was crazy! Of course there was no bready-ness but chocolatey goodness. This bar was also inhaled quickly by myself and the people I shared it with. I can see why other chocoholics have raved about this bar because how it possible that chocolate could taste like a sandwich?

This bar smelled chocolatey with sea salt (yeah, no brainer). I tasted the sea salt first followed by a slightly sour flavor like goat milk in chocolate but it was not off putting. I’m generally not a huge fan of goat milk chocolate due to that sour flavor. The chocolate itself was otherwise sweet and it melted quickly and easily.

The package listed citrus, berry, coffee and nuttiness as the flavor notes. I could smell citrus and coffee. The coffee flavor was stronger than the citrus. Nutty notes developed as my bite melted and increased in intensity halfway through my bite. Toward the end was where I detected the berry flavor. The aftertaste was nutty with hints of citrus.

The package listed citrus and wine flavor notes. The bar had citrus and a deep grape scent like wine. I immediately tasted the brightness of citrus followed by mild astringency and deep grape flavors similar to wine. The astringency dissipated and some mild earthiness developed halfway through my bite. Citrus lingered in the aftertaste.

Even though I’ve been consuming mostly higher percentage cocoa bars, I would definitely get the browned butter and PBJ bars again. They were SO good! The people I shared these bars with weren’t familiar with craft chocolate and though some weren’t initially impressed, a few hours later they came back to try more and started asking questions 🙂

Patric Chocolate: Made in Columbia, MO

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