Ritual Chocolate – Madagascar Sambirano

My first experience trying Ritual Chocolate has stuck with me because I loved the style of their packaging. To me, the dark green color of their Novo Coffee bar was rustic looking and the minimalistic drawings of trees and mountains were unique and appealing. I also hadn’t tried many coffee + chocolate bars at the time and that bar reminded me of the great flavor marriage the two make when combined.

I’m revisiting Ritual again, this time trying their Madagascar Sambirano bar since the time I ordered from Cacao Review, the Novo Coffee bar was out of stock. The Madagascar bar caught my attention since the flavor notes were listed as raspberry, citrus and peanut. Raspberries themselves and raspberry notes in chocolate are one of my favorite combinations, but to see peanut also in the flavor mix was something I haven’t experienced before.

When I opened the inner wrapper, the bar subtly smelled like all three flavor notes listed on the packaging. The flavor I first experienced was a combination of sweet raspberry with the tartness of citrus. The peanut flavor developed as my bite melted, but it wasn’t upfront as much as the raspberry and citrus flavors were. I kind of had to look for it. Toward the end of my bite some light astringency developed. In the aftertaste the raspberry and citrus lingered. The chocolate melted easily and evenly and the texture was very smooth.

Experiencing berry with citrus flavors happens a lot in my chocolate journey, but to have peanut thrown in was a nice way to mix things up. Even though the peanut was subtle, I think it helped balance the tartness and astringency because many times when I taste a bar with citrus notes, it becomes too tart or astringent for my taste and I don’t enjoy the bar as much as I’d like. I would try this Madagascar bar again, but I definitely want to revisit Ritual’s Novo Coffee bar since it has remained on my mind.

Ritual Chocolate: Made in Park City, Utah

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