Potomac Chocolate

Recently Ben Rasmussen, the chocolate maker behind Potomac Chocolate, released two new bars that I’m excited to share here! Thankfully I had the chance to stop by The Chocolate House (a great chocolate shop in D.C. if you’ve never been there) where Ben was holding a chocolate tasting. It’s awesome that The Chocolate House holds a tasting for Potomac Chocolate every time he releases new bars!

On the back of the bar you can see some texture from the sourdough bread crumbs mixed into the chocolate.

I was really excited to see that Ben had made a sourdough bread bar because bread in chocolate is not a common combination. Pump Street is the only chocolate maker I know of who has included sourdough bread in one of their bars. Theo made a bar with bread in it as well (you can read my experience trying that here). I could smell salt and “breadyness” from this bar. I first tasted the sea salt with a touch of fruitiness from the chocolate followed by the light crunchy texture of sourdough bread crumbs. The fruity flavor of the chocolate developed more as my bite melted. The bread crumbs were evenly distributed through the bar, which is great because it meant every bite contained the same textural experience. A touch of citrus developed toward the end of my bite and I was left with the aftertaste of sourdough bread. I really liked this bar because bread and chocolate are a great combination to begin with (think of those chocolate croissants) and the light texture of the crumbs is very pleasant.

It was also exciting to see Ben combine cinnamon with chili because I also feel like this combination is not as commonly found either. Chili in dark chocolate is popular, but I don’t often see cinnamon being used. Undone Chocolate and Olive and Sinclair are the only two chocolate makers I can think of from the top of my head whose bars I’ve tried with this kind of combination, and it’s nice to see another chocolate maker adding this flavor combination to their chocolate bar line. The scent of cinnamon was stronger in this bar than the chili. I also tasted the cinnamon first quickly followed by the chili as it warmed up while my bite melted. There seemed to be a combination of sweet and savoriness going on as the cinnamon, chili and fruity chocolate flavors swirled together. Though my mouth could feel the heat, it wasn’t like being punched in the face.

I definitely recommend these bars because both flavor combinations are not common and if you’re open to an adventure flavor-wise, you definitely need to give these a try! I also really enjoyed the textural experience of the sourdough bread bar. And with fall and winter coming up, I can also see the cinnamon + chili bar being appropriate for those seasons.

Potomac Chocolate: Made in Woodbridge, VA

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