Chocolate Naive – Ambrosia Dark Pollen Chocolate

I’m so excited because this will be my first time trying one of Naive’s bars! I have seen Naive all over Instagram from fellow chocoholics and chocolate bloggers. I chose to order their pollen bar through Cacao Review’s website because I hadn’t tried pollen in chocolate in so long. I think the last time I tried this combination was with Vosges’ chocolate covered caramels.

Naive’s website says they make their bean to bar chocolate in the eastern part of Lithuania. I had no idea that there were chocolate makers based out of Lithuania until I tried La Naya. I’m so glad we can try chocolate from so many parts of the world!

Rather than summarizing the description of the pollen bar for you, how about you read it in Domantas’ own words for how this bar tastes before I go into what I experienced:

The packaging is very unique in that usually chocolate is wrapped in just foil, paper or plastic. But here the secondary packaging is made of both paper and plastic. I love how it’s made to completely seal the chocolate, yet you can still get a good glimpse of what the bar looks like, including their iconic image of a man riding a unicycle.

Once I opened the packaging, the bar immediately smelled SO good! I could smell sweetness of honey from the bar with savory nuttiness. I tasted honey, malt, creaminess, nuttiness, earthiness and a touch of astringency. The bar was very smooth in texture and melted easily in my mouth. There was a party in my mouth as I savored the lingering flavors before taking another bite. I’ll definitely be savoring this bar throughout the rest of the day.

I’m so glad that my first experience with Naive was enjoyable and I’m definitely encouraged to try more of their bars in the future. If you want to read Cacao Review’s thoughts and experience trying this bar, go here. What I’m very curious about is why they chose the image of a man riding a unicycle for their logo, and the story behind the name Naive. If anyone knows, please share and comment below! I found a great Q&A with Domantas here, but even then there are no details or stories behind the name and logo.

Naive: Made in Lithuania

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