Marou Chocolate

This is not my first time trying Marou, and I was struck so positively by my first experience that I wanted to give them another try this time committing myself to a full sized bar. If you aren’t familiar with Marou and you like chocolate, you need to expose yourself to them. They are one of the few chocolate makers I know of who not only use cacao from Vietnam but are also based there. On their website they used to show a map which reflected the regions their cacao came from, but sadly it’s no longer on their website. But you can still view that map on Cocoa Runners’ website where you’ll see the cacao for this bar came from a south eastern region off of the coast. If you want to read more about Marou’s story, you can refer to my first time trying them out or check out their website for yourself, which appears to have been updated since I last looked. The story behind their design is unique!

As always, their packaging and mold looks luxurious. Fine and craft chocolate are one of the few items that I feel spoiled enjoying and can easily get for myself as opposed to collecting Louis Vuitton handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes.

This bar smelled nutty and like mangoes. The fruity flavor burst in my mouth also reminded me of mangoes, with some savory sweetness like coconut and nuttiness. Actually, there was a lot of nuttiness, which I didn’t expect since the description on the back said “bold and fruity,” but I like nuttiness in chocolate. The savory nutty flavor reminded me of a bar I’ve had before, but I can’t put my finger on which one. Bright mango flavors returned toward the end of my bite but the nutty flavor lingered into the aftertaste.

Even though I didn’t immediately fall in love with this bar, it grew on me. The next thing I knew I had eaten almost the entire bar in one day! I’m definitely encouraged to hopefully order more Marou bars in the future.

Marou: Made in Vietnam

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