Pitch Dark Matcha Tea and Nib Bar

I recently got to see a family who’s acquainted with mine while attending a wedding, and I found out their son is now living in Oregon. He loves it there and was chatting with my boyfriend and I about their local beer. What he didn’t know much of was their chocolate. I took the chance to throw out some names in hopes that he might check them out some day 😉

One of those names was Pitch Dark. This is my first time trying this bar, and I discovered it while browsing Chococurb’s website. Since green tea in chocolate is one of my weaknesses, I could NOT pass this up. What I did not notice was that this bar has mostly earthy and floral notes in it, as mentioned on the back of the packaging. I absolutely love fruity and nutty flavors in chocolate, and I can’t say that earthy and florals are my favorite. But it was worth the try.

It was pretty messy opening up the bar because loose nibs covered in matcha flew out. I could smell the earthiness of the green tea and floral from the chocolate. The bitterness of matcha hit my tongue first followed by a combination of deep earthiness and floral flavors from the chocolate. The matcha powder dissolved quickly leaving me to focus on the chocolate itself, which became astringent as it melted. Toward the end of my bite the astringency mellowed out a bit and it actually tasted a little sweet and nutty at that point.

I can’t say I was in love with this, probably because strong earthy and floral flavors in chocolate aren’t my go-to. Since matcha is already bitter as it is, I think the strong earthy, floral flavors and astringency in the chocolate overwhelmed my palate. I would like to try more of their bars in the future though!

Pitch Dark: Made in Portland, OR

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